SMOS Android smartphone gaming controller

Do you do a ton of work on your Android-controlled cell phone, or is it a greater amount of your essential portable gaming gadget? On the off chance that you happen to get the vast majority of your gaming kicks by means of your Android handset, at that point maybe it is time you look at the SMOS. The SMOS is regarded to be the most developed gaming controller for Android telephones and will ideally change the manner in which you diversion on your cell phone. While bezels on cell phones have turned out to be more slender and more slender with each new model, a touchscreen is as yet not the most ideal approach to appreciate a diversion since on-screen controls hinder your view from the activity that occurs. With the SMOS, the majority of that is going to change.

Exactly what sort of gaming happiness will the SMOS convey to your Android-fueled handset? First off, it comes furnished with 18 distinctive configurable keys, two or three thumbsticks, D-cushions, just as two oars. Not just that, you will most likely appreciate a variety of catches that will convey extreme control regardless of the amusement kind that you cherish enjoying. This top notch gaming controller is more than equipped for dealing with the most recent Android portable diversions, and the SMOS trusts that it will probably give a comparable arcade or top notch reassure involvement.

Bragging widespread amusement similarity, the SMOS will take a shot at your Android-fueled cell phone without the requirement for establishing or adjusting your handset. Generally, SMOS conveys attachment and-play straightforwardness with the goal that you might almost certainly jump into portable gaming activity on the spot. The fantastic, accuracy, mechanical keypad, and control configuration makes gaming sessions a delight, with the thumbsticks bragging comparable quality dimensions to that of Sony’s PlayStation cordiality of similar ALPS sensor that stars in Sony’s controllers.

Concerning its catches, there is propelled hardware that conveys moment response with no feared slack time so you will dependably be large and in charge. Agreeable, ergonomic, and intended for most extreme proficiency, what more can a versatile gamer request?

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