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Solar Eclipse 2020 on December 14, check Surya Grahan timings in India

New Delhi: The last Surya Grahan or Solar Eclipse of 2020 will occur on December 14. It will be a complete sun oriented shroud which will be obvious from Chile and parts of Argentina. The Sun will be completely covered by the shadow of the Moon during the overshadowing.

As per, the complete overshadowing will be noticeable in southern South America, south-west Africa while Antarctica will see a fractional sunlight based shroud, in all likelihood.

The Surya Grahan will be 7:03 PM (IST) on December 14 and 12:23 AM on December 15. The most extreme shroud is required to be at 9:43 PM.

Since in India, the sun oriented shroud won’t happen during day time it won’t be obvious to us.

The main Solar Eclipse of this current year was on June 21. At the point when it’s a complete overshadowing, the circle of the Sun is completely clouded by the Moon, notwithstanding, in incomplete and annular shrouds, just a piece of the Sun is darkened.

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