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Story Claiming To Show ‘Smoking Gun’ Biden And His Son

Joe Biden’s presidential campaign has dismissed an explosive story about Hunter Biden after an email purportedly from Hunter’s laptop appears to show Hunter made contact with his father’s former chief of staff, John Hunter. Trump went into a frenzy Tuesday after the New York Post published a report that he was shown a “smoking gun” in which Hunter and Biden communicate with Ukrainian officials about meeting their son while he was vice president. 

The newspaper claims the memo contradicts the Biden campaign’s claim that Joe Biden did not talk to his son about his business dealings. The newspaper claims that the communications contradict Joe Biden’s statements that he did not talk to his sons about their business dealings when he was in charge of the Obama administration’s Ukraine policy. Trump campaign spokesman Tim Murtaugh said: ‘If he had never met Vadym Pozharskyi, Biden’s campaign would say so. 

The Post report says Poscharskyi thanked Biden in an April 2015 email for inviting him to Washington and giving him the opportunity to meet his father. The Post report said that in the April 2016 letter to Biden, Pozharsky thanked him for “inviting” him to Washington and giving him “an opportunity to meet [his] father.” The post states: ‘In a May 2016 email to Joe Biden’s’ hunter ‘and’ vadym ‘Biden, Pozhardskiy thanked’ Hunter ‘for’ inviting him to [Washington] and giving him [an] opportunity ‘to meet’ his’ father.

In the April 2015 email to “Hunter,” Pozharskyi thanked Hunter for inviting him to Washington DC to meet Joe Biden. The 2015 emails show that Vadym ‘Pozhardskiy’ and his adviser Burisma Biden thanked him for ‘giving him the opportunity to meet [former Vice President Joe] Biden’ on his way to his father’s funeral in Washington, D.C. 

Joe Biden has repeatedly denied that he or Burisma were involved in Hunter Biden’s business dealings abroad. Biden claimed he never spoke to Hunter about his business dealings overseas, which these emails seem to refute. Joe Biden and his son, former Vice President Biden, have spoken with both Hunter and Biden about their overseas delegations. 

Joe Biden is known as one of the most outspoken critics of Hunter Biden’s drug use, and he has denied his son’s drug use during his presidential campaign. During a debate, Joe Biden said, “My son, like many people, has a drug problem,” but he denied any involvement in Hunter or his business dealings overseas. 

Why on earth would Joe Biden, who was vice president at the time, be implicated in his son’s drug use? Former US Attorney General Eric Holder tweeted: ‘Biden lies to deny he spoke to my son Hunter. 

Meanwhile, much of the revelation has been forgotten on Fox News, as conservatives accuse Facebook of censorship. On Wednesday, Facebook announced that it was restricting access to controversial stories about former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter, sparking an immediate backlash from Republicans, including Missouri Senator Josh Hawley. 

Trump, who trails Biden by just 1.5 percentage points in the race for the Republican presidential nomination, tweeted: “Twitter and Facebook have deleted the email related to former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter. “It’s terrible that Facebook and Twitter are downloading an email titled Smoking gun in connection with the story about former Vice President Joseph Biden and vaguely alluding to a threat of regulatory action,” he said. 

Trump attacked the former vice president, saying the email, published by the New York Post, showed that repeated claims that Biden himself never spoke to Hunter about his business dealings were a lie. The newspaper claimed the memo contradicted Biden’s claim that he had not spoken to his son about any business dealings he had with him. 

The report said the unidentified person had dropped a MacBook Pro that had been damaged by water and some compromising materials. The store owner could not clearly identify the customer as Hunter Biden, but said the machine had a “Beau Biden Foundation” sticker and contained a photo of the former vice president and his son, the report said. He said both laptops contained the logo of the Beau Biden Fund and a check for $1,000 for $5,500, which was to be named after Beau’s foundation, and that both had “Biden” on them. 

The story revives a story that Joe Biden, when in charge of the Obama administration’s Ukraine policy, took action against Burisma, helping Hunter Biden sit on the board of his father’s former law firm. Trump claims that the dismissal of Ukraine’s ambassador to the US, Viktor Shokin, who was forced out by Joseph Biden after his dismissal as attorney general, was “to Hunter [Biden] and Burismas” advantage, and claims it was to his advantage. Another, repeatedly reported allegation is that he fired Shokers to obstruct the investigation into the former president’s ties to Russia, a panel Hunter and Biden were on at the time and did not do.

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