Superior-loginless: web companies that originate no longer require registrations

A curated record of awesome web companies that generally you would possibly per chance like to register for, but as a consequence of titillating approaches on the portion of the service you would possibly per chance employ with out registering, organising an story and filling endless kinds.


  • – An neat kind of pubsub platform that lets you raze notifications from one machine to 1 other, enact custom companies when a notification is acquired, receiving webhooks on a local machine, making a chat app, a job queue, web web hosting webpages, sharing recordsdata.
  • Formspree – Assign a raze on your declare, write your take care of within the HTML and win the submissions on your electronic mail.
  • and are locations to assign, change and quiz any kind of JSON recordsdata, to be extinct in shrimp-scale web apps in customary.
  • Unstable and KEY/VALUE give you a key-ticket store as a service. Retailer and retrieve string values the utilization of an originate API.
  • Tinysheet – Light, mobile-optimized 2×10 spreadsheets that bustle within the community.
  • Franchise – A notebook for SQL: easy charts, examine queries, download and half. SQLite, Postgres, MySQL, BigQuery, XLSX, JSON, CSV.
  • Microlink – Turns websites into recordsdata.


  • chartd enables img tags to hold response, retina-address minded charts. offers a identical service with many forms of charts, graphviz graphs, tantalizing GIFs and QR codes from an URL, works furthermore as a fall-in substitute for Google Image Charts. is in actuality knowledgeable in charts and would possibly per chance presumably render some enticing ones, and furthermore QR codes.
  • TinyMonth – Make and half ephemeral calendars.
  • Itty Bitty – Make websites contained fully on their URLs, half as QR code, tweets and a lot others.
  • and will let you write and put up articles minimalistically.
  • Bitclouds – Acquire an anonymous VPS occasion payable by the hour with satoshis.
  • Seashells will pipe output from a express line to a webpage in trusty-time and store it (for how prolonged?). echo 'something' | nc 1337
  • and clbin are pastebins that work from the express line with curl, termbin is similar but with netcat/nc.

Verbal substitute

  • Shick – Instantaneous customary chat rooms.
  • Yap – Instantaneous ephemeral chat rooms whereby even the messages are ephemeral, for pals.
  • Jitsi offers instantaneous video chat rooms over webRTC. goes one step extra and offers that plus collaborative code editors, tale editors and drawable whiteboards.
  • curl mailcurl[email protected] to ship electronic mail.
  • Mailinator, Maildrop, Nada and other disposable electronic mail take care of companies will let you make employ of 1 or a pair of electronic mail addresses with out registering (all the things is public). Emaildrop has even a public API!

Pattern Instruments

  • localhost.bustle – Acquire a public URL for a program running on localhost, no installation the main, makes employ of ssh.
  • – A CORS proxy.
  • Beeceptor – HTTP quiz of mocking and intercepting. Spurious your API till you like it ready. Also the previous Ask Bin is now live, with a novel, enticing ethical, UI. Mocky offers a expressionless easy manner to mock/false API endpoints, while JSONPlaceholder comes up with a attach of living of customary-employ REST API endpoints with false recordsdata, powerful address Star Wars API and Pókemon API.
  • redirect.establish – Configure easy and custom arena redirects and URL forwarding with exact two DNS recordsdata.
  • dynamic.establish – Dynamic DNS with out logins and over DNS itself (nslookup will change your subdomain), but you proceed to desire a password for each and every subdomain.
  • RoboHash – Generates uncommon avatars from usernames or any text.


  • Lightning Poker – Play multiplayer no-limit Texas Preserve’em Poker online with trusty satoshis.
  • CoinRebates – Good paste a Bitcoin take care of, win a hyperlink and store, store, win the rebate.

Web Apps

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