Support- Apple CEO Tim Cook pledges support to India amid Covid-19 crisis

Another billionaire Apple CEO Tim Cook has recently pledged to offer support for India’s efforts to survive the ongoing Covid-19 surge. 

The world-famous giant will be making donations and aid relief efforts on the ground, stated by the CEO on Twitter.

He said- “Amid a devastating rise of Covid cases in India, our thoughts are with the medical workers, our Apple family, and everyone there who is fighting through this awful stage of the pandemic. Apple will be donating to support and relief efforts on the ground”. 

This announcement was released a day after Apple’s Big Tech peers Google, Amazon, and Microsoft assured aid to the country’s relief efforts and to help it with the fight. 

Sundar Pichai committed INR 135 crore for medical supplies and organizations supporting healthcare institutions. The funding also involves donations from more than 900 Google employees, who have contributed to the cause to help the nation. 

The nation is witnessing the second covid-19 wave one of the most fatal which is growing unstoppable Lee leaving hundreds of people dead as States struggle to deal with increasing cases amid drowning healthcare infrastructure. 

On top of its shortage of oxygen supplies for patients in major Cosmopolitan cities, Delhi has also forced the authorities to import and move industrial production of the commodity towards medical needs as soon as possible to control the whole situation.

While looking at the current situation the chief executive of about 40 top American companies have also come together to create a country-specific global task force to offer critical medical supplies oxygen vaccines and other life-saving assistance through different ways are made and serious and surge in covid all across the country. 

And help the nation survive, a collective unity initiative of the US India Business council of the US chamber of commerce and the US India Strategic and Partnership forum and business roundtable initiated a task force which has committed to deliver 20000 oxygen concentrators to India in the next coming days said by Deloitte chief executive officer Punit Renjen.

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