Tanker and Captain incarcerated in Iran is released

Notably, the South Korean flagged tanker and its captain which were detained in Iran in January have been released, as the foreign ministry in Seoul says.

Well, Iran has seized the Hankuk Chemi that is near the strategic Strait of Hormuz because of accusing it of violating pollution rules.

Around 20 crew members were set free in February, apart from the captain. This incident took place amid tensions over Iranian funds frozen in South Korean banks because of US sanctions.  Iran mentioned the cases were not linked.

However, the release of the ship and the captains comes amid Seoul and Tehran which have made the progress in unlocking the funds that are a total of $7bn (£5bn).

According to Reuters news agency, the ministry mentioned, “The captain and sailors are in good health, and it’s been confirmed that the ship and its cargoes had no problems. The ship departed Iran after completing administrative procedures.”

Well, the operator of the tanker that was carrying chemicals denied the charge. Moreover, 20 crews included 11 Myanmar nationals, five South Korean, two Vietnamese, and two Indonesians.

Iran insisted that the seizure was not linked to the row over the Iranian funds that have been frozen since the US reinstated economic sanctions on Iran in 2018 after abandoning a landmark nuclear deal.

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