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Ted Cruz slams PolitiFact ‘counterfeit’ ranking over absent Texas Democrats after mumble Supreme Court docket ruling

U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz slammed PolitiFact on Tuesday for ranking his July assertion that there’s “particular suitable authority to handcuff and set up in leg irons” absentee Democratic Texas legislators “counterfeit.” 

“The Texas Supreme Court docket precise agreed with me—unanimously,” Cruz tweeted of the mumble court docket’s decision ruling Democrats who fled the Capitol over a controversial vote casting bill might perchance even be civilly detained and returned to the Residence chamber. 

“But, unnecessary to express, PolitiFact still principles the claim ‘counterfeit.’ They like but to mission a correction,” he wrote. 

Texas Residence Speaker Dade Phelan issued civil arrest warrants on Tuesday for 52 errant Democrats staying a ways flung from the Capitol to block Republicans from intriguing the legislation ahead hours after the Supreme Court docket ruling. 

Cruz retweeted RealClearInvestigations senior creator Designate Hemingway who wrote “Ted Cruz is the outmoded Solicitor Original of Texas, however hey I’m certain the PolitiFact creator who spent 90 minutes researching this knows Texas legislation better than he does.”

Cruz was once appointed as solicitor favorite within the mumble in 2003. 


Texas legislation permits for absent legislators to be compelled to come lend a hand however PolitiFact took mission with Cruz’s “handcuff” and “leg irons” claim because the Democrats won’t face prison costs. 

There might be not any precedent within the mumble for bodily forcing a lawmaker lend a hand to the chamber, PolitiFact reported, noting it’d be a fresh discipline if any Democrats refuse to alter to legislation enforcement’s interrogate they return.

Cruz made the assertion to a reporter a day after more than 50 Democrats fled the Capitol. Weeks later, they still haven’t returned. 

“I precise question whether [the Texas Department of Public Safety] or someone can crash down my door to come lend a hand and set up me in shackles and bound me there,” Democratic mumble Win. Vikki Goodwin instructed the Dallas Morning Recordsdata Tuesday. “I maintain certain that I will place in my home, and ward off the Residence flooring.”

PolitiFact stated it rated Cruz’s comment counterfeit on memoir of he stated there was once “particular suitable authority” within the mumble’s constitution to handcuff absent lawmakers who haven’t dedicated a crime. 

The truth-checking organization called Cruz’s claim that bodily power was once allowed a “grey repute of the legislation.”

“I’m not going to argue with the junior senator about this, however what I’m announcing is there’s no precedent any place for any of this,” Randall Erben, a University of Texas College of Law adjunct professor instructed PolitiFact. Erben is a outmoded aide to Gov. Greg Abbott. “He might perchance need chanced on some authority someplace from someplace, however it’s not going to be relevant or on express the interpretation by a court docket of competent jurisdiction, which below the Constitution is the totally authority that someone has to assemble this.”


Cruz’s place of work instructed PolitiFact in an announcement that the “particular suitable authority” stemmed from the U.S. Constitution and a 1988 incident by which an Oregon legislator was once returned to the statehouse by power. 

“Pretending that the legislation doesn’t clearly enable for the arrest and skill bodily compulsion of delinquent legislators is patently absurd,” Cruz spokesman Steve Visitor instructed PolitiFact. 

Cruz and PolitiFact did come what might reply to Fox Recordsdata’ dreary-evening requests for comment. 

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