Telegram Messenger app gets Payments feature

The highly advanced and user-friendly messenger of today’s time Telegram has released a new update bridging a slew of new value-added features to its application. 

In the recent update, the company said it will allow merchants or business groups to accept credit card payments in any private chat with users, channels, Groups via 8 different integrated 3rd party payment providers namely Stripe, Yandex.Money, Sberbank, Tranzo, Payme, LiqPay, and ECOMMPAY. These features will be seen in more than 200 countries and more payment providers will be added in the future. 

The new add-on Payment 2.0 is an improvement to the payment system Telegram which had previously implemented back in 2017. Now its users can pay from business groups and pay directly from within the application seamlessly. 

The company also states that the payment information remains fully secure and private between the user and merchant while the shipping information is only shared with the merchant. The company claims or takes any sort of commission and store no payment information. 

Moreover, the additional feature is scheduled voice chats. Now, admins of groups or channels can schedule a voice and all members of the group can see a countdown to the call. The moment it ends, the users will get a notification that the call is now live. 

It will also let you have some fun by letting you expand the profile picture and see bios without leaving a voice chat window. Even profile and bio can be changed then and there. 

In addition, it has announced two new web versions. These are already functioning since the starting of April, but the company only officially announced them today. Now the reason why to release two versions, presumably they had a contest to build a simplified version of the website and they ended up with two that they liked it so they chose both as the winner. 

The version is namely K and Z, don’t replace the current main site, which means there is now a total of 3 versions to choose from, have the one you like! 

Now coming up on mobile devices, then there are few other refurbishments made. You can now pinch to zoom images, videos, and even stickers directly on the timeline without opening them. Now fast=forward or rewind video by double-tapping on the side of the screen on android and many more, explore all of them!

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