Telehealth integrated into EHR is the manner to plug for CarDon & Mates

Resplendent sooner than the COVID-19 pandemic struck, CarDon & Mates, which operates 20 senior housing/professional nursing communities within the Midwest, was once exploring varied tips to present its workers time succor, enhance resident outcomes and cut succor rehospitalizations.


The organization wanted an efficient telehealth platform with unusual applied sciences to streamline the approach for contacting physicians and bettering documentation in its scheme of sage. It furthermore wanted to present its nurses a sense of self assurance with skills that can even manual them thru assessments to set residents in-residence.

“As soon as the pandemic began, we had to behave rapid and implement unusual transportable devices and transient solutions to form digital physician and search the advice of visits to boot as present our residents a manner to connect with their families and mates,” acknowledged Brandy Armstrong, RN, director of scientific data at CarDon & Mates.

“The swift implementation labored, however we aloof wanted a better, extra right solution that could support our workers and provide quality take care of our residents. The pandemic made procuring for a telehealth platform the next precedence.”


CarDon & Mates turned to Third Look Well being for a telehealth solution. The telehealth skills supplied rapid connectivity with rep entry to to board-licensed, recount-licensed physicians who’re trained to form care in a put up-acute surroundings. Protection entails nights, weekends and holidays.

“The solution entails a care coordination personnel that facilitates dialog between our care personnel and their physicians,” Armstrong defined. “Our care personnel also can be in contact with telehealth physicians and the care coordination personnel thru the platform. The scheme sends alerts to the user’s email for fresh messages, look lists and unusual encounters.

“The motive of the platform was once to form an effortless-to-spend application on a portable tool that could give our nurses rapid rep entry to to physicians to treat our residents in-residence, enhance documentation and provide reporting and analytics.”

Brandy Armstrong, RN, CarDon & Mates

“They furthermore provide a cloud-primarily based entirely, HIPAA-compliant platform that integrates with our EHR,” she persisted. “All telehealth-generated documentation entails a wet signature that imports from their platform into our scheme of sage.”

Lastly, the provider offers reporting and analytics that measure scientific performance, usage, resident encounters handled in intention and chief complaints.

“The motive of the platform was once to form an effortless-to-spend application on a portable tool that could give our nurses rapid rep entry to to physicians to treat our residents in-residence, enhance documentation and provide reporting and analytics,” she acknowledged.


There are many vendors of telemedicine applied sciences and services and products on the health IT market this day. Healthcare IT News has published a special sage detailing many of the vendors and their offerings. Click here to learn the special sage.


Prior to enforcing the telehealth solution, CarDon & Mates dispensed iPads to all nurses and CNAs, so it was once already starting to transition to a extra mobile workflow. After it deployed transportable devices, the organization began enforcing the unusual telehealth solution with coaching supplied by provider workers.

“Our nurses spend the telehealth platform closely as phase of their on day by day foundation workflow at some stage within the evening and weekend coverage time,” Armstrong famed. “The nurses like a portable tool to spend namely for telehealth encounters. They register on the starting of their shift and rep in contact with the telehealth provider when wished.

“The nurses spend the platform for fresh admissions, readmissions, bridging scripts and changes in condition,” she added. “They can like video encounters with the contact of a button and work in conjunction with a physician internal two minutes.”

The telehealth solution is integrated with the organization’s scheme of sage from provider MatrixCare. The organization collaborates with telehealth provider workers alongside with MatrixCare workers to invent sure winning integration with every facility at which it implements the skills, she acknowledged.


Up to now, CarDon & Mates has a 90% treat-in-intention rate for all telehealth encounters. Out of two,090 consults, 1,826 residents were handled in intention. Using the data within the telehealth platform, the organization was once ready to identify areas for enchancment. And improved documentation has been integrated with the scheme of sage.


Armstrong has a unfold of systems for healthcare organizations pondering identical telehealth systems integrated with EHR skills:

  • Name what complications that that you shall be attempting to resolve, what targets that that you shall be attempting to fulfill and how that that you would per chance well evaluate outcomes.
  • Resolve who to your organization will form a policy and draw, and who shall be bright with planning, implementation and review.
  • Involve frontline workers in discussions to rep their enter, perception and buy-in. Purchase-in shall be important for the implementation phase.
  • Snatch into memoir appointing a champion to relief with ongoing education to invent sure the skills is being venerable the manner it was once supposed.
  • Share your outcomes with workers people internal your organization.

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