The Biggest Drive of COVID19 Vaccine Launched by PM Modi – JAYANAGAR GENERAL HOSPITAL COVID19 Launch

Narendra Modi has launched to mass vaccination drive against covid-19 but he has urged Indians to continue to observe the restrictions against covid19 this audiovisual representation that has been made by you were like you were mentioning a Prime Minister Modi has just announced India’s vaccination drive against covid-19.

The World’s biggest vaccination drive by the end of it could prove to be the biggest vaccination undertaking in the history of humanity as we can tell you in the first phase of the Ascension Health workers will be back later. About 30 million people which are essential health care workers with real vaccinated in the very first phase in the first first-year itself India hopes to vaccinate close to 300 million people against covid-19 Prime Minister Modi also while launching this the vaccination Drive highlighted the effort I put in by healthcare workers and essential workers during this entire.

India is the largest in the world is looking at India for how India will manage that we know that in your heart makes. India has experience of vaccination the polio vaccination program is something that has been loaded all across the to seem like’s as lines as well but admits to covid-19 says we know that India was able to read. 150 countries of in this case as has been the focus is how India will be able to give it to vaccines to the region across the world.

Bhutan’s Prime Minister Lotay Tsheringa congratulates Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the launch of the Covid 19 vaccination campaign in India. India today launched its first coronavirus vaccination campaign in the country. On Saturday, the first phase of the India – Bhutan Corona Virus Vaccine Campaign (CVVC) was launched by the Prime Ministers of India, India and Nepal. Today, India launched the world’s first vaccine against the deadly coronavirus disease.

A day before the mass vaccination, Prime Minister Modi said on Twitter: “Tomorrow, January 16, the first phase of India’s Coronavirus campaign will begin in Bhutan (CVVC). Prime Minister Modi has launched the Covid 19 vaccination campaign, the world’s first vaccine against the deadly coronavirus disease. To initiate the vaccination programme, he will launch a digital platform set up by the Union’s Ministry of Health. 

The priority groups will be treated with the Oxford Covid vaccine (Covishield) produced by the Serum Institute of India and Covaxin developed by Bharat Biotech itself. One vaccine is a vaccine developed and manufactured by Oxford University and AstraZeneca, and the other was developed by India’s Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. 

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said the vaccination campaign would go on for a long time and that India’s knowledge would benefit other countries. The Prime Minister urged people to reap the benefits of the vaccine, saying: “The world trusts India’s scientific rigour.

When India launched its Covid 19 vaccination campaign, the Union’s Health Minister, Harsh Vardhan, said that it was probably the largest vaccination campaign in the world in terms of the number of people vaccinated. When the COVID-19 campaign was first launched in India via video conference, Modi stressed that no such large-scale vaccination campaign had ever been conducted in history. The goal of vaccinating half of India’s population under the age of 19 will be the “largest vaccination campaign” in the world, Vardshan said.


COVID 19 Vaccination block has been launched by Sowmya Reddy in JAYANAGR GENERAL HOSPITAL today. She visited the hospital and checked each and every steps which has been taken care during COVID19 Vaccination.

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