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The Defence Minister- No One Can Occupy An Inch Of India’s land till I’m alive!

On Thursday, 11 February 2021, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh highlighted key details of the new India-China withdrawal agreement during Rajya Sabha’s session. The settlement comes in the backdrop when in April 2020, Eastern Ladakh- Indo-China got into a heated clash, where China amassed huge troops with armaments along the disputed LAC (Line of Actual Control).  After the first fatal violence in 2020 and 9 months-long standoff where we witnessed the death of 20 Indian soldiers in the Galwan valley due to hostile moves taken by Chinese troops. The two countries seem to be moving backward. With the ongoing disagreements in opinion on the alignment of the LAC, over the past few years, both sides concluded to maintain peace and tranquility on the border, efforts continued to resolve the dispute. A week earlier, a disengagement agreement was announced for their army troops to withdraw from each side of Pangong Lake. Furthermore, on Wednesday, 10 February, the Chinese Ministry of Defense also made an announcement on the subject. 

Sources in the security endowment have stated that as of now,  the disengagement agreement or process seems to be restricted to the south and north banks of Pangong Tso Lake. It began with the withdrawal of certain armament columns or tanks from the Bank of the South region on both sides. All of this will be done on a gradual and audited basis. Sources suggest- The ground commanders were gathering for a meet-up to figure out the nubs of the whole scenarios. 

While spelling out the details of the agreement Defence Minister Rajnath Singh stated-  no one can occupy an inch of India’s land till I’m alive as one part, as one part is already resolved while we are working on further steps for the good.

Defence Miniter-“Rajnath Singh”- talking about the disengagement agreement during a public Session. Souces: Twitter

Key Details- Agreement to Disengage (Indo-China)

  1. The agreement was put in place for the north shore and south shore of Pangong Tso Lake, the stand-off site.  the north bank is having 8 fingers or geographical formations with mountains bulging into the water. And the main point of friction for New Delhi. 
  2. Placement of the agreement commenced on Wednesday in the North and South Bank Of The Penguin show where the tanks or ornaments have started to move with the later movement of troops or soldiers. 
  3. This agreement will be reciprocal and mutual.
  4. It has been clearly stated that the process will begin in a gradual, coordinated, and well-managed or audited manner to avoid any impediments. 
  5. The most crucial point highlights that the Chinese side will keep its true presence in the North Bank area to the east of finger 8 while India reciprocally winds its Army troop at the permanent base Dhan Singh Thapa post near finger 3. 
  6. Both nations have agreed to a temporary cessation of military activities. This involves patrolling the traditional areas, which will only resume once both parties have reached an arbitration for the series of diplomatic and military talks. 
  7. Upon completion of the process, the Senior Commanding Officers of the two groups will meet within 48 hours. So far, nine rounds of military meetings or discussions have taken place, the last of which took place in January 2021. 

By closing the details, the Defense Minister quoted- as the Chinese side is also fully aware of our settlement, therefore our expectation is that the other side will go with us with full honesty and will act sincerely in settling the remaining issues. Thus, the ongoing confrontations and misconceptions lead to bigger problems, and we would work for the good in order to spread peace throughout the nation! 

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