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The First European Country to Introduce Digital Health Pass- France

The past 1 year was tumultuous for the whole globe, fighting with the covid-19 virus. And to move forward here’s the first European country, France to introduce the much-awaited and most talked about concept of digital health tools or devices. 

It had become the first country to launch a Digital Health Pass for travel. And initially, these digital passes are being trialed on flights of Corsica for safe and seamless travel amidst the covid-19 pandemic. 

The update has been first reported by a local media channel, and it stated the pass will be extended to other international flights later on. The best part about digital passes is that they can be even used for things like live events, concerts, and festivals to ensure safety. But they won’t be valid or be used for restaurants or bars. 

The launch of passes comes just what French President Emmanuel Macron said that he wants to relax and to ensure seamless travel policies or ease out travel restrictions on international travel for the summer. It also includes fully vaccinated Americans and updated health information to get the pass. He also added- that they wish to progressively lift the restrictions. 

Also, if anyone gets a Covid-19 test I’m France, the person will get a text message or email with access to a state-certified online document. And the person can print it out and store it in the TousAntiCovid App. 

On the other hand, the same procedure will be done for all those who are fully vaccinated. And a secure QR Code will be generated by the application, with which the person can travel to cities. 

Lastly, the European commissioner for justice Didier Reynders said that they are expecting a “digital green certificate” to be ready for use most probably by June 2021. 

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