The Startup Industry Report from BCG to be presented at TiEcon Mumbai 2023

June 1st, Mumbai (Maharashtra), India The 16th iteration of TiEcon Mumbai, TiE Mumbai’s main event, will take place at the Jio World Convention Centre on June 2, 2023. BKC. The conference this year has the slogan “Unboxing India 3.0 – Anti fragile| Conscious| Innovating” as its centerpiece.

The largest entrepreneurial conference in Western India, TiEcon Mumbai draws startup founders, investors, and all the major industry leaders from Mumbai and India. At the opening session of the conference, Unboxing India 3.0, BCG will present their study on the startup sector.

However, Shaleen Sinha, Managing Director, BCG stated that “Today there is a significant discussion on the “winter” in the startup eco system.” The full report will be published tomorrow, June 2, at the TiE conference. Despite the challenging atmosphere, there are a few significant factors to remember. Even while the overall funding environment is lukewarm, considerable investments are still being made, particularly in seed and early stage enterprises. This, along with high levels of dry powder, suggests that there are funds available for the appropriate ideas and businesses. This suggests numerous potential for new companies, especially given that India is expanding and is expected to double in size from its current size to a $7 Tn economy by 2030.

“Market estimates show more than 15 industries with potential market sizes ranging from $10 billion to $500 billion by 2027, where significant digital disruption is occurring or can occur, and are thus prime for new startups,” he continued. Last but not least, we also think that during this time, businesses will start to develop that have a much lower “cost of growth,” which will enable them to scale much more effectively once the recession is over. Founders and management teams are focusing more than ever on enhancing the unit economics of their core businesses across all industries, while also carefully selecting a small number of bets for potential future growth.

Companies that are able to execute this well in such challenging conditions generate a considerable gap against the competition and are also rewarded disproportionately by the market, as we have observed empirically.

“At TiE, our goal is to give entrepreneurs the toolkit they need to build scalable, reliable businesses,” stated Ranu Vohra, President of TiE Mumbai. A key factor in that direction is the BCG report. It describes the food chain for each of the large addressable markets in detail. Entrepreneurs can utilize this data to focus their investments on areas that could have the biggest impact in the upcoming years.

Whether it is in generative AI or EV technology, we at TiE expect that startups will develop solutions addressing these market sets and opportunities. We also believe that TiEcon Mumbai 2023 would give businesspeople the models they need to succeed in the current climate and help accelerate India’s growth even further.”

How to Prepare for TiEcon 2023 – More than 500 investors, 100 corporations, 2500 entrepreneurs, 100 bankers, 200 industry executives, and 25 private equity firms attended the event. There were also more than 100 soonicorns and 45 unicorns.

TiEcon Mumbai 2023 Unboxing The conference will see the sessions on the main stage via a macro lens. Leaders will discuss macro-level topics like India 3.0, financial priorities, and innovation in India and beyond on the main stage. It’s going to be packed with Expo Zone with more than 100 startups and other networking zones.

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