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The Suicide Squad wide title Margot Robbie stars in Ocean’s Eleven prequel

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Hollywood wide title Margot Robbie will doubtless be starring in the prequel to Ocean’s Eleven, a heist comedy about con artists who purchase hundreds of millions from a Las Vegas casino. As per the file of ANI, in accordance to Selection, the upcoming film is silent in kind at Warner Bros. and has no longer been greenlit. 

The Suicide Squad wide title Margot Robbie, turned into as soon as portrayed as Harley Quinn in supervillains flick promised a comedy slump-packed thriller movie. The peep of Harley Quinn turned into as soon as donned in a purple and black leather peep, which turned into as soon as unlike the enduring and accepted t-shirt and sports activities she had earlier sported in the fashioned film. Even hundreds of the solid in the film had made their DCU debut. 

Jay Roach will doubtless be directing the prequel. He has worked with Robbie in the 2019 put of job sexual harassment drama Bombshell. A title for this prequel has yet no longer been confirmed however the 2018 gender-swapped reboot of the franchise, which starred Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett and Anne Hathaway, had already taken Ocean’s Eight. Attributable to this truth, the studio can must resolve on one other title for Robbie`s mission. Basically based on sources, the production will soon be starting in the next year including to the franchise of Ocean’s Eleven.

As per The Hollywood Reporter, to boot to leading the undisclosed solid, Robbie will manufacture the film thru her company Fortunate Chap. Roach, whose credits additionally encompass Austin Powers and Meet the Fockers, will additionally attend as a producer for the film. The story is reportedly location to be a long way-off from Sin Metropolis, which is in 1960s Europe.

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