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The Wonder Leader: Bijal Jagad- Right intention is necessary

Bijal Jagad started her career in 1996 as a medical representative and worked with several companies. she was promoted from executive to managerial level. Currently, she is the General Manager of a cosmetics company and heading west and south of India. Along with this, she is a well-known writer with proficiency in three languages Gujarati, Hindi, and English. she pens down her creation in these languages. her Kavita was featured in Media through Vapi Sanket paper and Khothar a Kangare newspaper in Bhavnagar. Many of her books have been published on amazon. she gave her 22years in the industry predominantly working for the MNC medical companies in clinical sales.

In the last 8 years, she has been working in the Tribal areas in the interior of Maharashtra and Gujarat. she dedicates 2days a month to the interior of Maharashtra and Gujarat particularly the Adivasi belt region. Jagad understands their need and tries to cater to them with the necessities.

Well, in 2020 she visited surkoi which is the interior part of Gujarat Jhiila-Tapi Where MP Mr. Prabhubhai Vasava felicitated him for her dedication and effort towards the upliftment in the Tribal areas.

Initially, she started a small scale with whatever, she could do for them and now with the support of her friends and family she has been able to take up projects like infrastructure development, educational kit distribution, clothes, medical camps, utensils, and grocery in all the areas that are closely working with Ashram School were the children residing and study in house. Though initially, Bijal Jagad started small, she strongly believes that if your intentions ate right things must start to fall in place.

In this current covid-19 situation, she has reached out to 640 miles with grocery kits. Each Kit comprises Rice-4kg, masoor dal- 3kg, oil-1l, and sugar-3 kg, chana dal-2 Kg, Potatoes-2 Kg, Onion-1 Kg, and Turmeric. she started the journey with the commitment “where ever there is need we will serve it.”

Bijal Jagad has developed organic skincare cosmetics with NPOP and USDA guidelines for Import and Domestic use. her company name is “Shree Sutra” and soon she will be launching her product in the Indian and International Market. her organic products are secrets for preserving the beauty and it gently nourishes the skin and helps in skin breathe better. It aids in maintaining skin glow and also keeps the skin refreshed.

In an interview with Global Business Line, she mentioned that she wants to share one message “Keep your intention right.”

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