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The Wonder Leader: Smita Mahajan- Woman behind Pink Warriors

Smita Mahajan is the Co-Founder, Chief-Mentor and Managing Director of Pink Warriors Pvt. Ltd. Being a mother and a career-oriented woman with a successful 14 years of IT experience, she left her job to take care of her then 6 years old daughter but while she was enjoying her motherhood, she missed her financial independence and started feeling a void in her life.

Smita Mahajan along with her friends started Pink Warriors to help each other to be financially independent. They soon realized that this is the story of every woman across the globe. Now a startup company owner for the last 2.9 years. This is a Non-Equity Business Execution Partner for all Women-owned Businesses. Their vision is that every woman must work and be ‘aatmanirbhar’.

They help women who want to start something of their own while being in their comfort zone. Smita and her team bridge the gap between the conventional Entrepreneur Mentorship program and the much-needed support for every woman entrepreneurs to fight against the conventional mindset wrapped around women starting their own business.

Smita Mahajan completed her Post Graduation from Symbiosis Institute of Computer Management. She worked for 14 yrs with the topmost IT companies (Capgemini, Accenture, Infosys). She ran an independent business of Herbalife Nutrition Club for almost 3.5 years with two self-owned Nutrition Clubs. Well, she started a Startup company Pink Warriors Pvt Ltd. in which she is the co-founder and CFO. It’s a startup accelerator for women entrepreneurs, which focuses on the social, emotional, financial, professional growth of women. Currently, through Pink Warriors, mentor around 500+ women with respect to their personal and professional growth.

Smita Mahajan’s most important expectation for a successful mentoring relationship is the willingness to learn new things, to change as per the current social and professional upgrades happening in society/industry. When she was asked that how an entrepreneur can prepare before starting, she said, “Before mentoring anyone, I would prefer that person to have a clear understanding of the area for which she needs mentorship and WHY she needs.”

Two things that Smita Mahajan suggests to every individual are “Progressive Mindset” and “Consistency”. She believes that a progressive mindset help to look at every challenge as an opportunity to push themselves harder towards their goals and learn to evolve as an improved version of themselves. On the other hand, consistency helps to maintain the focus as great archer Arjuna to achieve what one has dedicated to and avoid any distraction which can deviate them from their path to success.

Smita mentioned that things that she learned in this covid situation are Getting back to basics, Giving time to your Family and loved ones, and having a healthy active lifestyle. She said digital transformation took place in everyone’s life in both personal and professional ways. It was able to break the glass ceiling of geographical boundaries and connected the whole world through the internet. Everyone learned to stay connected with anyone in just one click and work from anywhere while being safe at home with their loved ones.

She said, “I, on behalf of the whole Pink Warriors Family would love to see you all supporting our vision in any possible small/big form and help us make this a reality for all women.

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