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Top 10 Best New Handguns of 2021

After a shattering year of sidearm sales, the new bunch of best handguns of 2021 is shoving them with varied specs to support multiple needs, likely outdoor hunting, antelope hunting Wyoming, and so on. With the rising and unprecedented demand around the arms market, industry holders are trying to catch their breath to offer the customer base with needed side guns for home safety and so on. All are ready to replenish, which is why some manufacturers are unable to meet the demands and avoid market competition. This fact also indicates that even some of the premium brands are also absent from the list as of the press date. But you should not worry, as they would come, but just make you wait for some time!

Even, no one attended the “the 2021 SHOT show”, the release of dozens of amazingly designed bunch of best handguns isn’t stopping. Numerous digital meetings and press releases were presented with some innovative designs suitable for multiple activities like hunting outdoors and more.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the best handguns of 2021.


Nowadays, a Turkish gun is one of the must-haves, its rising popularity and highly exclusive features making it one of a kind of outdoor hunting gun. Its modern design is designed as per the best European minds. This gun earned a good reputation in the American market with the tag of a no-nonsense straight shooting pistol. It has a polymer-frame striker-fired oblation that is chambered in a 9mm Luger and completely fulfills the needs of nearly any target shooter or for home security. In the last year, the CCW market has grown significantly where Sar has launched one of the best handguns namely Sa 9C where C stands for compact.

2. FN 509 LS Edge

For several decades this gun is one of the company’s most successful commercial offerings. And this year, Fabrique NationaleExpanded the scope with the LS or long slide. This is one of the larger versions of the 509 having a full-length 5-inch barrel housed inside of an optics ready slide. The switch breaks at the right and accurate angle of 90 degrees allowing a smooth functioning while operating it. Having a grip that is clad with a new textured perimeter in order to maximize sales in any climatic conditions. It has also come with Interchangeable backstraps to allow the Shooter to have a personalized fit to his or her hand making it ideal for antelope hunting Wyoming.

3. CZP-10S in FDE and OD

Another gun out of the list of best handguns of 2021 is CZP-10C, the moment it came into the market, it collected a huge appreciation in the past few years. It is also a gun with a polymer-framed striker pistol. Since its release, the whole series or line-up has grown immensely whether it was a mid-size or full-length variant. Its frame and slide are turned down to noisy cricket size, this new variant “S” also has a deep optic cut with a modular plate mounting. It is amongst compatible best handguns for outdoor hunting.

Kel-Tec P50

In the US, Kel-tec has introduced one of another unique gun in almost every SHOT SHOw. This new edition of best handguns adds to the short lineup of arms capable of shooting this little round-down range. Moreover, it looks like something that was left behind at Area 51. It has been said that this gun is ready to throw greater impact over the market.

5. Ruger American Competition

This gun boasts a 5-inch stainless steel Competition barrel with a slow 1:16-inch twist for magnified accuracy with lighter match projectiles. Its slide has 8 ports cut into the forward portion, while the rear is drilled and tapped for direct mounting with miniature red dot sights that share the doctor optic footprint. The brands that are included are- vortex Venom Burris, FastFire, and several other top-notch holdings. It’s purely designed with American style!

6. Arex Delta Gen 2

Hj this is another guy which is by the Slovenian manufacturer, and continually grows in popularity in the U.S. market. It is small enough to tug under normal clothing and has interchangeable straps and also comes with optics-ready for the ever-growing selection of pistol-mounted optics. If you are thinking of having one for antelope hunting Wyoming, then you must go for this one!

Stoeger STR-9s Combat Pistol

It is another one you can go to safeguard your home and surroundings and can get from any gun store. It has around a century of expertise with an optics-ready slide, threaded barrel, suppressor-height sights, and 3 20-round magazines.

8. Springfield Armory Ronin 10mm

Hj, if you are looking for a home run and backcountry-tough 10mm 1911 that won’t break anything then Ronin is for you! It has a forged stainless steel frame mated to a carbon steel slide for any kind of weather conditions and gives better longevity on the ground. It is also your sight to get on the right target, during fast-paced and multi-shot strings. So, have your soon!

9. Nighthawk VIP Agent 2

It is one of the tremendous collaborative pistols which is meeting levels of luxury, heirloom collectability, and of course high feature functionality. It has custom mammoth ivory grips encased in the grip frame, while an 18k solid gold bead front sight adorns the whole design.

10. CMMG Banshee 300 MK4.22 LR

This is one of the popular best handguns which has been a big hit for the Missouri-based company, having a new chambering introduced just about every year. It is highly lightweight with CMMG’s shortest firearm with a Rip Brace Pistol Brace and doesn’t require a tax stamp. It costs you a huge amount of money to own one.

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