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Top 6 IoT startups of 2021

Emerging technology has brought a revolutionary change in the business. Among the well-known technologies, IoT has gained popularity for the rebuilding of industries, societies, and economics from the pandemic. It helps in making the company and society better than before. Many leading IoT startups are creating an innovative solution to restore normality.

These new IoT startups have received the necessary funding and help in overcoming legal hurdles to overcome the crisis. These companies provide innovative IoT solutions to benefit the companies to get abundance data. Further, these solutions process and analyzed the data for providing valuable insights. It is the startup’s software that enhances the speed and efficiency, it helps in automating the IoT operational processes. These data-driven insights help in automation, predictive maintenance, and quality management. The IoT analytics tools help in playing a bigger part in the development of Industry.

Let’s take a look at some of the well-known and top IoT startups of 2021-


XFrame is an IoT startup that helps in transforming agricultural processes by leveraging digital technology. Day–by–day IoT technology is helping the agricultural business in turning complex into legal requirements and product certification. The company provides innovative tools to help the farmers as well as the food supply chain, stakeholders.

The prime focus of xFarm lies on the organization which revolves around convenience, intuitiveness, and adaptableness of agricultural retailers. Notably, the digital ecosystem involves a free agriculture application that is available on both desktop and mobile. It is integrated with the advanced premium modules and an analytical dashboard dedicated to professionals. The application also has a line of IoT sensors that are selected, optimized, and connected by xFarm. The company received funding of €3M from TiVenture.


Notably, Infraspeak has come up with innovative IoT startup ideas that help in removing technical glitches.  The tool helps in identifying and notifying the failure in an electrical system with respect to location, type, priority, or equipment. Even they mark these failures solved or else they have a team to solve the glitches of that particular location.  The company was funded with $5.4 by TiVenture.


Zypp is IoT based manufacturing startup that has come up with an electric scooter sharing app that is helping people all over India. Well, Zypp provides an opportunity to the user to unlock it for Rs. 5/-, and the charging fee is Rs. 1/- minute. It has more than 500K users in India and right now the number is going high. The most interesting fact about Zypp is that it received most of its funds from Indian Banks and VC firms. IANFund is funded with $2.5M.

Utility of the Zypp is quite easy. Further, this app is needed for unlocking the vehicle, riding it, and it can be parked at a Mobycy Parking Zone.

With Nodle, the connecting object has now become quite easier. It connects anything starting from home appliances, fitness trackers, smartwatches, air sensors, etc. Currently, Nodle is providing an opportunity to the hardware manufacturers and helps in decreasing barriers to enter for IoT solutions and hardware experts. Notably, it offers an alternative source of revenue for device makers, app developers, and network operators to create a mark in the IoT world. The company received funding of $5 M from Blockchain Ventures.

Smarten Spaces

Currently, booking has now become quite easier with Smarten Spaces. Basically, the company offers the best IoT solution. The company made use of smart technologies to complete routine activities. This company is bringing change to the whole landscape. The primary aim is to transmute places of work and leisure into sustainable architecture.  The company received a fund of $12M from Symphony Holdings.


In the IoT industry, Seekify has gained its name for providing clients with a better experience.

However, the user can include Seekify with varied business software and brought all the data together in a single platform. Along with this software, the companies are now setting a clear goal and provides clients with data-driven insights by using AI and ML for automating the workflow.

Companies are now focusing on actionable insights for achieving goals by using Seekify’s Supernova data intelligent solution.

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