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Transport and travel industry reaching its new height

In recent times, the transport and logistics industry has seen a huge improvement. The advent of new technologies has improved and prices have diminished. The industry continues to face significant challenges which involve a high number of breakpoints, lack of data standardization, and complex pricing rules. However, the low-profit level made it really difficult for the industry to solve the glitches. Currently, a new generation of logistics startups targets solving these glitches.

Well, Covid-19 has created a greater impact on logistics startups and venture-capital funding. Let’s take a look at some of the reputed Transport and Travel startups of 2021.


LuggageHero is one of the remarkable addition to the list of startup companies. Well, it is a simple platform that permits the safe storage of the luggage at the storage point at an affordable charge. This company will help you easily strolling around the city and visit some of the exotic places of your wish. This is one of the best facilities for travelers who are willing to go sightseeing.

As a daycare centre takes care of your loved ones, Luggage Hero also takes proper care of your luggage.


In Singapore, Grab has started its ride-hailing platform which connects commuters. The company has topped 2019 as the best startups. After receiving funds from various companies, it has come up with new services like GrabTaxi, Grabcar, GrabHitch, GrabShare, GrabCoach, GrabShuttlee, GrabShuttle Plus, GrabFamily, JustGrab, Grabow, and GrabRental.

Unlike Lyft and Uber, the Grab is a well-known mobile platform which is available for transportation of driver-partner and consumer in South East Asia. The company received funding of $9.1B from Hyundai Motors one of the reputed names in the automobile industry.


Airalo is a new Startup Company that has established its name in the market by providing eSIM at an affordable price. It permits travelers to travel to multiple destinations of their choice. Moreover, it covers almost 100 destinations and Airalo will help you with eSIM at an affordable rate from around the world. Airalo SIM cards are basically compatible with tablets, smartphones, and also some PCs.

The prime advantage of Airalo is that the place where regular SIM card doesn’t work. In this way, Airalo helps in staying connected. The company received funding of $1.9M from Lightspeed Ventures.


It is really a difficult task to change clothes in public spaces. To help you in such scenarios, Undress has come up with an effective solution. Basically, Undress is a fashionable mobile changing room for women. It helps in changing clothes easily and in a worthy-free way. Thus, you need to go for exercise outdoors and stay safe. The company received funding of $600K from Crowdfunding.


Well, traveling from point A to point B has now become quite easier than before. Now, you don’t need to wait in the bus stand the whole day to get the bus. Now, with Swvl you can easily find out when the bus is arriving and helps in reaching the place at the right time.

Notably, Swvl is a premium bus booking app that allows booking fixed-rate rides on vans and buses in the area. It permits the people to share the ride on a van or bus in the morning and evening. Further, it helps in easily booking the ride at an affordable rate with Swvl mobile app. The company received funding of $80M from Dash Ventures.

Chipper Cash

Both cash and traveling go hand-in-hand. When you are traveling outside the country and running out of cash, Chipper Cash is quite handy. Further, it helps the users in making instant cross-border mobile money transfers which are as easy as sending text messages.

Right now the service is available in Africa and bringing a huge change in the financial landscape quickly. It is assumed that soon the service will spread around the world. The company here received a fund of $8.4M from Deciens Capital.

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