Trump abolishes Hong Kong from preferential trade

US President, Donald Trump removed Hong Kong from the preferential trade preference and various related authorities. He declared himself to be the toughest President against the country of China. The country has been projected as a rival upon whom international allegations have upsurged. He further stated that the US will treat Hong Kong in the same manner as mainland China. It will subdue any special privileges, special economic treatment, and export of sensitive technologies. The US has cleared its point on taking away their freedom and rights.

Mr. Trump issued an executive order for Hong Kong as he guessed a decline for the agitated city. In response, Beijing has also imposed a new strict security law.

The new law provides the administrative powers of new tools to hold a grip on individuals and entities of Hong Kong.

In retaliation, the Chinese Foreign Ministry said that China will make necessary responses to protect its legitimate interests and impose sanctions on relevant US personnel and entities.

On the other hand, the White House in America acknowledged concerns that the Hong Kong Autonomy Act which is a tougher follow-up to the law last year. It has limited America’s President leeway to waive sanctions.

The Act had active bipartisan support that means Congress could override any Presidential Veto.

A US senator, Chris Van Hollen stated that the US made clear to China that it can’t continue its assault on freedom and human rights in Hong Kong without severe repercussions. The Chinese government’s aggression deserves this swift rebuke.

On the contrary, Julia Friedlander, a senior fellow at the Atlantic Council think tank said that Hong Kong will suffer and China will gain from this move. The US action could bring devastating impact on Hong Kong as the financial gateways to Western markets.

By imposing the security law, Beijing has defied international warnings. The law criminalises subversion and other offences in Hong Kong to which it promised Autonomy.

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