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TRUMP: Joe Biden Is Supported By Anti Americans – US Election 2020

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has said that US President Donald Trump is trying to legitimize the upcoming November elections and is encouraging foreign interference. Biden cited a classified briefing he has now received to back up his statement. Republican leaders and I don’t want to attack them, “he said, continuing his COVID-19 diagnosis that continues to pose a challenge in the 2020 U.S. elections.

One of the most fascinating declarations of intent Biden has lately been campaigning for his call to end Trump’s unqualified support for Saudi Arabia. Since the genocide in Yemen began under the Obama-Biden administration, Biden has been forced to denounce it as a direct threat to US national security.

A Trump campaign spot used a video taken out of context to claim Joe Biden had confirmed he would run for a second term if elected president.

Asked by voters how he would approach Trump supporters, Biden said he would try to work with congressional Republicans. FBI Director Chris Wray told a House committee that Russia tried to influence the upcoming election by disparaging Democratic nominee Joe Biden. The Post claimed that newly discovered emails showed that Biden helped convince Donald Trump’s then-vice president-elect, Joe Pence, to fire Ukrainian prosecutor Viktor Shokin in an anti-corruption case, despite widely available evidence to the contrary. Last month, FBI Director Christopher Wray testified before Congress that “Russia has exerted malicious foreign influence, including persecuting Trump and his Democratic challenger [Joe] Biden,” and told Congress he was “confident” that Russia was trying to “influence” upcoming elections to denigrate Democratic candidates like Joe Obama and Hillary Clinton.

This group of elected officials has played an even stronger role in providing security, showing why Joe Biden is a safe seat for moderate Democrats. There is no doubt that Biden will attract a larger share of Republicans in 2020 than Hillary Clinton did in 2016.

Biden said for months during the campaign that he was seeking to end Trump’s erratic administration. Early polls show him with a strong lead over his vice presidential running mate Hillary Clinton, but his lead has remained largely unchanged over the past three weeks when the party has held a vote on its nominee for president – either Trump or Biden. Unless the Democratic Party’s position on abortion rights changes substantially, Donald Trump and Joe Biden will have enough public support to win the presidency in 2020.

Looking at the above, there is no doubt that confronting Trump and his anti-immigrant, pro-abortion agenda is one of the threats we face.

The problem for Biden and the Democrats is this – vetting Trump is only a small part of the fight. Look at where Biden stands on top issues like bilateral relations and where he is at the top of bilateral relations. Former Republicans and Republicans who oppose the president have a choice between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Most on the left, who not only reject Biden but also view Trump as a serious danger, will vote for Trump while Biden votes for him.

If the Biden you see is a shell of his former self, ask which candidate he voted for and ask him to vote for him. Put yourself in the shoes of people who pretend they don’t see exactly what everyone else does when Biden speaks in public. When VP candidate Biden sees whom he sees as a “shell” of himself and a “former self,” ask who he chooses – the candidate.

This is partly because Joe Biden was one of Donald Trump’s most vocal opponents in the 2016 presidential election, and his opposition to Trump remains a central part of his campaign. He has publicly supported Trump’s anti-immigrant, racist, xenophobic, misogynistic, and racist rhetoric and policies.

Indian Americans who voted for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton plan to support Biden in 2020, the report said. Instead, Donald Trump is the only candidate who can persuade Biden and curious Republicans to go to the polls and vote Democratic. Established Democrats say they want a lot, too, and Biden’s election is a strategic step in that direction. President Biden will be more susceptible to progressive pressures, but he will also be more susceptible to Trump’s policies.

In 2010, the Democratic Party’s elections were postponed, and dozens of Democrats campaigned during the midterm elections. That is why Vice President Joe Biden, on the eve of his re-election, delivered a keynote address at a US Senate conference in Washington, D.C. He announced his candidacy in January, distilling his essence into “Joe Biden,” and campaigning for a dozen Democrats since the midterm election. After Donald Trump and Joseph Biden waived the traditional handshake before the debate at COVID-19, they recognized each other and left the stage together, but did not walk together.

Former Vice President Joe Biden accused President Donald Trump of using “dog whistles” to stoke racial division in the country. At a rally in northern Michigan, Trump told thousands of people that if he won the election, “Joe Biden” would flood the state with refugees. The president said his crime legislation treats blacks worse than whites, even though he campaigned with Biden during the midterm elections in his home state of Delaware.

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