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Two extra states in India now tormented by tomato flu outbreak 

Bibliometric Details: Issue No: 8 | Issue Month:August | Issue Year:2022

While the Covid-19 pandemic is mild plaguing the area, a brand unusual virus is called tomato flu or tomato fever is spreading in India.

The unusual virus, which was once present in children in the insist of Kerala in southern India in Would possibly maybe maybe maybe also simply, has now unfold to 2 extra states.

The Lancet Respiratory Medication, a medical journal, reported that as of July 26, 2022, extra than 82 children under the age of 5 had been recognized with the an infection in the Kollam district of Kerala, which is where the tomato flu was once first figured out on Would possibly maybe maybe maybe also simply 6, 2022.

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Even though the virus in most cases impacts children under the age of 5, cases of this uncertain disease delight in now been reported in the neighbouring insist of Tamil Nadu and Odisha in the east, where children as younger as nine had been infected.

Researchers are mild working to pinpoint the character of this virus. It is a ways amazingly contagious and has been dubbed “tomato flu” due to the painful red blisters it causes on the physique.

Due to the it spreads mercurial thru finish contact, akin to thru nappy use, touching soiled surfaces, or striking things in mouth, children are especially inclined.


Even though the symptoms of the tomato flu virus resemble these of COVID-19 (each are first and well-known accompanied by fever, exhaustion, and physique aches, and a few COVID-19 patients additionally chronicle skin rashes), the virus is unrelated to SARS-CoV-2. Tomato flu can also no longer in actual fact be a viral an infection in children, but rather a complication of dengue or chikungunya fever.

Alongside with a fever, exhaustion, and physique aches, varied symptoms contain rashes that cause skin irritation. Alongside with varied viral infections, dengue shares overall influenza-love symptoms which are equivalent to nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, dehydration, swelling of the joints, and physique aches.

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