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UN refuses to take a position on Pakistan’s claims of India firing at agency’s vehicles

The United Nations has wouldn’t take a situation on Pakistan’s cases of Indian powers terminating at UN Vehicles at the Line of control.

In light of a WION question, Farhan Haq, Deputy Spokesman for UN Secretary-General said United Nations Military Observer Group (UNMOGIP) vehicle conveying UN military spectators “was affected by a unidentified article” while “leading routine checking exercises” close to Rawalakot as “a feature of its command to notice and provide details regarding truce infringement at the Line of Control (LOC) in Jammu and Kashmir.”

UN Spokesperson didn’t recognize it as a demonstration of Indian soldiers as asserted by the Pakistani Army. Farhan stated, “UNMOGIP staff and the driver were not hurt yet the vehicle supported some harm” and the mission is “right now researching the occurrence.”

At the day by day presser, because of inquiries presented by Indian and Pakistani journalists, he stated, “we know what the two sides have been stating”, repeating, “at this stage, we are basically mindful that vehicle was hit by a unidentified item”

Pakistan’s Army had delivered pictures of harmed UN vehicles on Friday, guaranteeing it was harmed by Indian powers. The Indian Army excused the Pakistani claims saying it didn’t fire at the UN Vehicles.

Top Indian government sources named the Pakistani charges as “totally bogus, really wrong and ridiculous”. The sources said no terminating was finished by Indian soldiers at the specific area where UN vehicles were available since developments of “UN vehicles are known ahead of time” and in this way “the inquiry doesn’t emerge of any such terminating.”

Fascinating to bring up that in 2017, Pakistan had guaranteed that Indian soldiers had focused on UN vehicles. Around then the UN said that there is “no proof” of vehicles being focused by gunfire

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