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US And China to meet at senior level: In Alaska

WASHINGTON- the recent updates said that the United States President Joe Biden top ads will hold their first discussions with China in the coming week in Alaska. Secretary of state Antony Blinken will also be joining them on concerns with the nation as he calls it the top threat! 

The reason for this talk suggests the sign of Biden’s strategy to rally allies in the face of China. The ministry states that Blinken first jointly traveled to Japan and South Korea accompanying defense secretary Llyod Austin who will letterhead to India for further meetings with the Indian defense minister Rajnath Singh. 

The visit format says that Blinken will then join Biden’s national security advisor namely Jake Sullivan for the talks in Anchorage on March 18 2021 along with their Chinese counterparts Wang Yi and Yang Jiechi. 

Sources state that Blinken told the House Foreign Affairs Committee that “This is an important opportunity for us to layout in very frank terms many concerns that we have with Beijing’s actions and behavior that are challenging the security, prosperity, the values of the US and our partners and allies”. 

He also added that he is thinking to look for areas of collaboration with Beijing to settle out everything, but not follow-up meetings would be expected. 

Later on, Blinken said, “those engagements, if they are to follow, really have to be based on the proposition that we are seeing tangible progress and outcomes on the concern issues”. 

It has been stated that the Alaska talks will be the first among the Pacific powers since Yang met Blinken’s hawkish predecessor Mike Pompeo most probably in June in Hawaii. Hence, setting out a similarity selected to be away from high-stakes of national capitals. 

It has seen a quite remarkable move that the US made. Even Biden and Blinken, both known as Europhiles, as they moved quickly to ease tensions and settle out things better with European allies soared during the regime of Donald Trump in the US. 

It has also worked towards making pleasanter and strengthening Indo-US relationships and building cooperation on several ends, by visiting for the first time- US Defense Secretary To Visit India: 19 to 21 March. 

Lastly, India is one of the fierce antagonists of the Taliban, and also a key player as Biden decides whether to go ahead with Trump’s agreement or refurbish a bit as per the scenario. 

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