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US Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin says: China has been very combative

Washington– Lloyd Austin- US defense Secretary said on Sunday 7 March that – “China has been very aggressive in the region and in some cases, they have been “coercive”.  He added that while referring to Beijing’s disputes with its neighbors that- “some of that coercion has been directed against our allies, and our allies are very important to us”. 

In one of the media reports, Lloyd told ABC News- “China has been busy modernizing its military and developing capabilities and trying to close the competitive edge that we have always enjoyed”. 

Sources indicate that China has displaced more than 60,000 well-armed soldiers who have been mobilized for annual exercises. Instance borderlines such as Pangong Tso in Eastern Ladakh in May 2020.  calling on India to meet the mobilization of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA), which took place in the valleys for more than eight months. It also resulted in the loss of dozens of members of the military, which was quite disturbing.

After several meet-ups and discussions among both the countries the two sides decided to be true their true from Pangong tso area to spread peace and settle the dispute along the areas of line of actual control (LAC) in Eastern Ladakh.

In addition, China holds sovereignty over the South China Sea as a whole, namely Vietnam, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Taiwan. 

US President  Joe Biden described China in his foreign policy – as the most serious competitor to them and bored to confront wheezing on various fronts such as intellectual property economic policy and human rights.

 While presenting his point of view Austin stated that the president has been clear that his presidency will have a distinct relationship with the Saudis that is underway. To justify his answer he added, “it doesn’t mean that it won’t be a nice relationship but I fully expect that it will be a good and a bit different bond”. 

Additionally, the Biden administration recently said it is withdrawing its support for the Saudi-led military offensive in Yemen, a “strategic humanitarian disaster”. 

Later Austin said that “I think just because you have a good strategic relationship with an Alliance partner doesn’t mean that you can’t hold them accountable for various things”.

Talking about the past of – Defence Secretary then he is the first Black Defence Secretary of the United States and during 41 years of experience and career in the US Army he broke through many racial walls on the way and he is one of the highly reputed people you’d see. 

While remembering an incident from the past, he said that “  I can remember going to a bus station with my mother and looking at the restrooms that one male, female, and colored. This is how I began when I was a kid. And to grow to be able to rise to a position of secretary of Defence in my lifetime is quite incredible, he said while responding to one of the questions asked in the talk show. 

Finally, he said you have to ask yourself, you know why it took so long to have an African-American defense secretary. And the thing we need to make sure is to go on forward, that I won’t be the last African-American defense Secretary, that we build those opportunities in our levels for Hispanics and African-Americans to be the highest positions in our military. 

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