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Liveblog - US Election 2020 – Result Day Trump Or Biden – LIVE

It’s US election day and President Donald Trump is the overnight favorite, but the race for the White House is tightening as former Vice President Joe Biden and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have not yet garnered the votes they need. Democratic candidate Joe Obama’s chances of winning the US presidential election are back, according to online betting. With the incumbent president quickly catching up with America’s leading media, he is now taking the lead in a closely contested 2020 US presidential election.

Trump and Biden are locked in a tight battle in swing states, with the Fox News Decision Desk predicting Trump will win more than 1.5 million votes in the 2016 election.

To become president, both Trump and Biden must have 270 or more electoral college votes, and there are only three states with more than 270 electoral college votes: New York, Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. Joe Biden, meanwhile, will win in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, New Hampshire, Iowa and South Carolina. If Nebraska splits its electoral votes two to four for Trump or one for Biden (both CNN and Fox News predict this), Biden would have 224 electoral college votes. For him to win, Biden needs 238, Trump 213, but Trump needs to behave with 213. The two most populous states in the country, California and New Jersey, each have 29 electoral college votes, according to the Associated Press.

If Trump loses Florida, it will be very difficult for him to get the 270 electoral votes he needs to defeat former Vice President Joe Biden and return to the White House. That’s because he has won only three states where he has more Electoral College votes than Trump.

Biden, who urged voters to remain patient until more votes are counted, tweeted that it was not his job to declare the winner. Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden said he would address supporters in Florida on Tuesday night, although the outcome of the vote was unclear. Biden told voters during the primaries that he is the candidate who can beat President Donald Trump in the fall, and recent polls suggest he may be right.

He easily won California in a West Coast sweep and carried other Democratic strongholds, including Minnesota, which Trump had targeted after a narrow defeat four years ago. It was predicted he would win New Jersey early in the election night, and the former vice president was leading in that poll. President Trump defeated his rival Joe Biden in the 2016 presidential election, with Biden essentially preparing for his Democratic Party’s nomination.

Biden promised that all votes would be counted and urged patience, as both candidates received the 270 electoral college votes needed to win the White House, but he promised that they would all be counted, and urged “patience” if neither candidate wins one. Biden promised that every vote would be counted but urged “patience” if either candidate failed to get the 270 electoral college votes needed to win the White House.

President Donald Trump won four of Nebraska’s five electoral college votes, according to the Associated Press (AP), while Democrat Joe Biden won one vote in the state. The race now has six battleground states to go, and the AP named them “Joe Biden” after the former vice president’s victory in New Hampshire, putting that state’s 10 electoral college votes in the red column.

Trump is lagging in most polls and has been vilified by his Democratic opponent Joe Biden for being left out by the biased media to the utmost while repeating his attacks on Hillary Clinton and the “fake news” media. We head into Election Day with the national polls, monitored by RealClearPolitics, with Trump up 1.5 percentage points and Biden up 2 points in the polls.

As Tuesday night turns into Wednesday morning, the outcome of the presidential election is far from certain, as Trump and Biden approach the 270 electoral college vote target. Polling stations in the United States close at 1 am, but both Trump’s campaign and Joe Biden’s Democratic Party still have a potential path to victory as of early Wednesday morning. Biden heads into Election Day with a 2-point lead in national polls, while Trump, who has caught up in a number of battleground states, has a 1.5-percentage-point lead in state polls. With Tuesday’s vote count still tight, Trump or Biden could make one last – and final – push for the vote as their campaigns prepare for a post-election showdown that could prolong a polarizing presidential election.

Kentucky, Vermont, and Indiana are the first states to vote for Biden, and their polling places will close at 1 am ET on Wednesday, according to the Associated Press.

Election Day began with Biden voting unanimously within minutes, and turnout surpassed the early recounts, with President Donald Trump leading former Vice President Joe Biden. The exit poll conducted by Morning Consult asked Biden and Trump voters what were the main issues that motivated them, with 93% of Biden supporters saying controlling the 19% margin of error in the poll was “very important,” compared to 59% for Trump voters. Joe Biden has consistently led President Trump in the latest major battleground polls, but Trump is doing better than anyone expected.

  • Update from CNA News

    Update from CNA News
    Update from CNA News
  • Biden says transition team already at work as wait goes on for election verdict

    Joe Biden’s progress group isn’t looking out for the official decision of the official political race to begin work.

    The previous VP said in a discourse late Friday night that both he and running mate Sen. Kamala Harris had as of late met with gatherings of general wellbeing specialists and monetary guides.

    It comes as vote-including proceeds in various landmark states. The pattern shows Biden in front of officeholder President Donald Trump, with only 17 constituent votes needed for Biden to make sure about the 270 expected to win the White House.

    “While we are sitting tight for the eventual outcomes, I need individuals to know we’re not holding back to complete the work,” Biden said.

    “The pandemic, as you additionally know, is getting more troubling all over the nation. Day by day cases are soaring. It is presently accepted that we could see the same number of 200,000 cases in a solitary day. The loss of life is moving toward 240,000 lives lost to this infection.”

    “I need everybody to know on the very first moment, we will place our arrangement to control this infection vigorously,” Biden said.

    The U.S. has now detailed more than 100,000 instances of the Covid for three sequential days, as indicated by a Reuters count, within any event 129,606 recorded on Friday.

    Until this point in time, the U.S. has recorded 9.7 million instances of the Covid, with 236,099 related passings, as per information ordered by Johns Hopkins University.

  • Election 2020 live results:

    The presidential election is inching closer and closer to a conclusion.

    • As of Friday night, Joe Biden is projected to win 253 electoral votes, 17 short of the 270 to win. He has made significant progress against President Trump in two key states.
    • Biden leads in Pennsylvania. The state, which has 20 electoral votes, would put Biden over the top.
    • Biden also has opened a slim lead in Georgia, which has 16 electoral votes.
    • The former vice president expanded his lead in Nevada, too, while his lead in Arizona has grown smaller.
    • Biden has urged patience as the count continues, while Trump has made baseless claims of voter fraud and his campaign has mounted several legal challenges.

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