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US Experts Claims, China appears to speed up the progress build ICBM silos

Based on recent photos of construction in the missile launch area in China, a US expert stated that- “China probably building underground Intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) silos. 

Washington- Recent reports and photographs taken by the satellite at a missile training area convey  China is moving quickly toward an inclination to launch its new Nuclear missile through underground silos. Hans Christenson Us expert who has been monitoring the Russian us in the Chinese nuclear power front for a quite good span of time claims that China is probably building around 16 new underground ICBM silos. He also stated that could be to renew his strength to take immediate action in the future attack, especially preparing themselves to counter a growing threat from the US. 

For the past few years, the US has been subpoenaing Chinese nuclear development and modernization just to justify spending where the billions of dollars are flowing. China has been constantly into nuclear arsenal construction without communicating much on the matter over media platforms. And that’s why it’s the area of concern. There’s no evidence or facts which can say the US and China are moving towards Armed conflict. Earlier, Christenson’s report came into media when tensions between both the countries were heating up in serval areas such as trade to national security. 

Moreover, it might possible mightier Chinese nuclear force or armaments could factor into US counts for a military to hostile actions of China, namely Taiwan or the South China Sea. 

While on the other hand, the Pentagon refused to elucidate on Christenson’s analysis report. But it added in one of its annual Chinese military reports that Beijing intends to raise the peacetime aptness of its nuclear forces. And they are operating on a higher level of alert. By the end of last year, a large missile training range near Geelantai in north-central China Construction of five other silos began earlier taken place. 

At last, away from 16 silos, china also has 18 to 20 silos which he operates with the old ICBM DF-5. Experts state that even if China doubles or triples its ICBM silos, their count will still remain modest compared to the US and Russia. Let’s see what would be the final outcome of these uncoverings. 

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