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US Pentagon: Permits Augmenting Guard deployment at Capitol

WASHINGTON- on Tuesday the United States defence secretary Llyod Austin has officially confirmed an enlargement of the national guard deployment at the US capitol for two more months due to the probable threats of violence remaining.

According to the recent statement issued by the department, around 2,300 troops of guards will continue to office security in Washington at the request of the capitol police until 23 may 2021. 

Right now, there are approximately 5,100 Guards, and they had to leave earlier this weekend. But now also it is not clearly mentioned that if any of these forces will have to stay an extra day or two or the department is planning for any new troops to arrive, get trained and settled in. The department and the committees responsible review the issue and plan the best way to operate. 

Later on the day the Pentagon said defence officials or troops will work closely with the capitol police to incrementally lessen the number of guards needed in the city with the going time. 

The major reason for tightening the security was the government is concerned about safeguarding the force and the country itself as two months after right years preached the building in an attack that left five people dead. That is why the government has remained in a heightened security posture to avoid misunderstanding or how to prepare for potential threats to the Capitol by militia groups. 

The recent reports say that there are now enough states that are willing to offer God troops for the security to safeguard people- said by defence officials. 

Early on Tuesday John Kirby the chief Pentagon spokesman stated that the decision on maintaining a well-defined presence of guards would be based on local law enforcement concerns along with the requirements of the capitol police. 

He also added- it’s not just about a threat assessment or preparedness it’s about assisting and supporting capabilities that the capitol police mein nau lakh and may need to look at refurbishing. 

The Capitol police faced several questions that even the army chiefs said that if the capital police had exhausted all other options to meet the need. For example, requesting other federal law enforcement agencies to offer security measures, etc. 

Meanwhile, the deployment has been disrupted as members of the guards complain of bad food and some even say they have become ill. 

While highlighting the issue on Monday Kirby said that around 50 guard troops had been treated for gastrointestinal problems on their 26,000 deployed to Washington. In addition, six have requested outside medical assistance and the rest are being treated in first aid posts. 

General Daniel Hokanson, the head of the Office of the National Guard made several visits and ate with them to ensure that they were getting good food- said Kirby. 

Finally, the cost of deployment for 26,000 guards, shortly after the January 6 to Friday riot, is approximately $500 million. So far, no cost estimates have been published for the extension. 

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