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Vikas Khanna Feeding more than 50 Million From New York – “Feed India”

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  • Vikas Khanna creating one of the WORLDS LARGEST FOOD DRIVES with 50 Million Meals.
  • Vikas Khanna also spreading hygiene by distributing 3 Million Sanitary Pads
  • The team of Feed India has distributed more than 500, 000 Slippers

Michelin-starred chef Vikas Khanna is being honoured for bringing food to millions of people in India by coordinating a massive food distribution from New York City to New Delhi and Mumbai. He is currently working day and night to feed needy people during the closure of COVID-19. Michelin-starred chef Nikhil Bhagwat and his wife Vika will host the world’s largest Eid festival in the US to feed the people in the cities most affected by the CoVID / 19 pandemic in India. The Michelins – stars and chefs like him – are honored after they supplied millions of people across New Jersey with food they co-ordinated in a giant food distribution center.

On any of the other two days, the Feed India Initiative could achieve its goal of feeding thousands upon thousands. Khanna said his initiative reached more than a hundred cities in India last month. The “Feed India” campaign has fed more than 20 million hungry people. It is set to be the largest in the world, with a food distribution center in New York City, New Delhi, Mumbai, and Mumbai.

The chef of Ellora has just opened a restaurant in Dubai and the developer has written a book about it. If you are not satisfied with the diet of India during the pandemic, you are busy with your second cinematic challenge, you are writing an ebook about the Feed India initiative and you are working on your third film project, and you are writing another book about it. As if “feeding India with an epidemic” were not enough, he plans to open a new restaurant, “Ellora,” in New York City and open his newest restaurant, “Dubai,” in the next few months. And if the “pandemic” hasn’t already given India enough pasture, he will open “Ella” – a brand new restaurant in Dubai – in September.

Khanna was honored for dropping everything to feed millions in India at a time of great hardship and suffering. Khanna was awarded a Michelin star in 2010 for his extraordinary efforts to feed millions of India during the Covid crisis. Celebrity chef Vikas Khannas, who was honored in New York for feeding half a million Indian diners during the Covid crisis, will be honored at the 19th Annual International Culinary Festival of America in San Francisco, California, on December 19.

50 Million Indians Feeds

So far, it has fed some 50 million Indians struggling to feed their families during the coronavirus pandemic. Khanna called for the creation of a food bank in India, which he created when India first cut off its food supply in response to pandemics. So far, he has fed more than half a million of them and has written a guide to Feed India. When India’s diet is not sufficient during a pandemic, the chef has opened Ellora, a brand new restaurant in Dubai, and is busy with his second film project. He is also writing an e-book about his initiative “Feed India,” a company he plans to open in the near future in New York and Dubai, and he is also involved in the preparation of the guide to the “Feed India” initiative and is writing a book about his first film “The Food Bank of India.” If feeding India after a pandemic is not enough for him and his family, he will open brand new restaurants in the UAE and embark on his third film project.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit India and Khanna was thousands of miles away in New York, he launched a campaign to distribute food that steadily reaches millions of people across the country. When the COVID ’19 pandemic hit India and he was thousands of miles away Away from New York, and in response to pandemics, Khannas launched Feed India, India’s food bank – a food initiative that is steadily reaching millions of people in all countries.

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck India and Khanna was thousands of miles away in New York, he launched a food distribution campaign that is steadily reaching millions of people across the country. When the 19 pandemics of COVID-19 struck India and it was thousands of miles from New York, Khannas launched the Feed India food bank – a food initiative that is steadily reaching millions of people in all countries.

It is sometimes encouraging that Indian cuisine is so highly regarded in the US, and restaurants run by Indian chefs could also win Michelin stars. After hearing Vikas talk about his experiences in New York during the CoVID pandemic, he understood India’s urge to suffer and began organizing dry food distribution dinners throughout India to evacuate those present in a country with a “reservation” day.

About Chef Vikas Khanna

Vikas Khanna (born November 14, 1971) is an actor, writer, director, producer, actor, and director of films and television series. His directorial debut “Last Color” was the first feature film of his career and his first foray into the world of cinema.

He has written 29 books on food and has also worked with award-winning chefs such as Ravi Shankar, Raghuram Rajan, and Sushma Swaraj. He learned the art of cooking from his grandmother in Amritsar and founded his own restaurant, Chef Khanna’s Kitchen, in his hometown of Pune, India.

Khanna said: “Every year, the Asia Society honors people who have a huge cultural impact on millions of people around the world. This year we are honoring one of the most influential chefs in Indian history, a person of great cultural significance and influence, “Khanna said. Every year, the Asia Society honors a man of immense cultural significance and power – a people who give enormous cultural influence to millions around the world. This year we are honoring one of the world’s most outstanding chefs – a person who has been recognized for her exceptional work for the benefit of millions.

The Winner Of Exemplary Work Done By An Individual

In October, a virtual event will be held in honor of the winners, with each of them being honored, as well as a live performance of the winners.

The IACC will take the lead in opening a philanthropic corridor between India and the US to promote better bilateral relations between the two countries, “he said. What started as a one-man business run by Khanna and his wife Ellora is now supported by several Indian groups, including Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), Tata Group, Tata Motors, and several others. As if feeding India during the pandemic wasn’t enough, the chef has written a book about the Feed India initiative, is working on his second film project, and has opened Elloras’ new restaurant in Dubai, and written another book about it. I cannot say when it will end, but so many people need help now, and these pandemics show a little sigh of relief.

Khanna worked with India’s national disaster relief agency to provide logistical and ground support, and his movement soon received help. Khanna said that after making a donation to the cause and speaking to his team in India, he encouraged them to work for the organization. He worked with India’s disaster relief, Indian Red Cross, and International Rescue Committee to provide logistical support on the ground, and soon their movement received help from the United Nations Relief and Development Agency (UNRDA) and other organizations.

The IACC has compiled a list of India’s ten most influential people, and the chosen crusaders include bureaucrats who have done a lot of good. The plaintiffs have made a legal notice to the defendants and have also sent an insinuation letter to Mr. Dainik Bhaskar and his group, providing evidence of the illegality committed by the Dainsik-Bhaskingar group.

Upon hearing the news, Chief Khanna said: “I am honored to receive this recognition and love from DG Goenka University in Haryana and to follow in the footsteps of one of the most influential and influential people in India. I appreciate the exemplary work and support my loved ones @ TheVikasKhanna and @ Kudos have done for his support. PTI said he felt humbled by the significant organization that has played a huge role in promoting Asian culture. He said that something must be done at the right time to recognize excellence at a time when there is so much uncertainty and difficulty that people are facing.

Divya Bhaskar has written her name into a campaign called “Gujarat Hero” and reproduced the image of Khanna in her book “The Victory Khanna Limited,” in which she tells her story. He helped with NDRF relief efforts in the flood that hit Gujarat earlier this year. He donated 4 million meals to people who were starving during the pandemic in India, which anyone who is in a place to do so should do. The first shipment was to the people of Gurdaspur in Gujarat, a city of 1.5 million people.

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