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Why Vote For Donald Trump?

American history, I’m shocked by the arc it takes, and I’m sorry to read all the negativity, but there are some real, practical reasons why we should re-elect Donald Trump.

If you want to see unemployed people getting help in this country, vote for the Republican Party, and especially Donald Trump. I’m not saying that all Republican politicians are bad, or that there is some kind of Trump voter who votes for Trump for a reason. In short, there are a lot of good reasons why you should not vote against it, but I am here to be honest with you about one of them.

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One of the greatest and most honorable acts that the US can do is to reject a type of Trump voter who votes for Trump for a single reason. There is no good reason why you should not vote for Donald Trump, but your conscience will not allow it. That doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to vote for Joe Biden, and it doesn’t mean you’re going to vote against Trump again.

If Donald Trump doesn’t become president, and for whatever reason, we’ll see what happens when that happens. If you don’t think that’s enough for him to lose, then there’s no reason for you to vote for President Trump as far as I’m concerned. I think you’re going to beat him with all your might and do all the work that you did for Republican voters against Trump, and with good reason.

While factors such as economic conservatism clearly predict Trump’s election overall, this is not true of Trump voters, and not all of them. Anti-elites are voters who did not vote in the primaries but only voted for him in the general election. I have worked on a regression model on immigration anxiety that predicts an anti-Trump vote, and while it works, it does not apply to every Trump voter, even the most conservative.

Moreover, the group least favorable to Trump is the one that voted for him early in the primaries but voted against him in the general election. In 2012, nearly half had a favorable opinion of Clinton, and the elites had an even more favorable opinion of her than Trump did in 2012. But in this general election, most say that dislike of Clinton, not support for Trump, was the real motivator.

As mentioned, 28% of Clinton and Trump voters said they would support either of them if they didn’t like the other candidate. Clinton voters responded with the “lesser of two evils,” followed by saying they disliked Trump and that he lacked the temperament to be president. When voters are asked why they support either Clinton or Trump in this election, more than half of them (47%) believe they are wrong about an opponent. For those of you who say you can’t vote for Hillary Clinton because of the FBI email investigation, here are 100 disqualifying things Donald Trump has done that could help you decide.

When asked to explain in their own words the main reason they support either Joe Biden or Donald Trump, Biden supporters rather than Trump supporters volunteered that opposition to the other candidate was the “main motivating factor.” Trump says you can’t vote for him because you don’t like everything he believes in or you have doubts about him.

I have found a number of articles that tell you this, but let me spare you the trouble of suggesting that you give four more reasons not to vote for bigot, racist, xenophobe, homophobe Donald Trump.

These results show that if one person decides to vote for Trump in the general election, he or she will have the same concerns, fears, and motivations as the other voter. Republican voters want to elect the current president if the “other”‘s main platform is “the other,” not Donald Trump? Each voter may have turned the lever for him or her for different reasons, but they all share the same concerns, fears, and motivations. Still, the fact that Trump voters have such unique attitudes suggests that they have different motivations when they go to the voting booth.

Personally, I never got the courage to vote for Trump, but I can understand why some people do. For example, when I say I’m voting for him because Biden will make a terrible leader and will not be able to achieve conservative goals for the country, that makes perfect sense.

Perhaps the most important reason not to vote for Donald Trump is that our country’s relationship with the rest of the world will continue to suffer, and we will most likely take more risks in war. Maybe you decide not to do that after reading this article, but instead, I have tried to explore some good reasons why good people might choose to vote for him. I spoke to six Trump voters about why they are voting Republican and whether they believe he will be a good president.

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