Welcome to Whistleblower Residence… ‘a meeting speak for braveness’

Bibliometric Details: Issue No: 2 | Issue Month:February | Issue Year:2022

By Michael Appel

A few of the upsides of the speak secure years – and listen to me out right here please – is that in the course of the total pocket stuffing, greed and corruption, we came to hold of well-liked South Africans who held the line; who couldn’t be purchased; who couldn’t be silenced and who refused to licensed let it scurry. They blew the whistle. The Whistleblower Residence (WBH), launched on Tuesday, targets to present a holistic toughen ecosystem to these “customarily castigated, victimised and hounded”, says dilapidated SARS deputy commissioner and WBH chair Ivan Pillay.

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