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What’s Special In Women’s Day 2021 – After Corona

International Women’s Day (IWD) is around a week away and, with the ongoing outbreak of COVID-19, there are a number of activities you can organise to mark this special day. The American Socialist Party entered world politics in 1910, and the Socialist International voted to introduce a “Women’s Day” to campaign for suffrage, but the next year they announced a national Women’s Day in honor of the strikers. It’s 109 years since the first International Women’s Day was celebrated and Since then, the day has become an annual call to fight for gender equality. In 1975, it was officially declared International Women’s Day by the UN to celebrate women’s rights and gender equality.

The 2020-2025 gender equality strategy, adopted a year ago, is based on a vision of a Europe where all women and girls, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity, are free from violence and stereotypes and have the chance to prosper and lead. The Commission will strengthen gender equality outside the EU by presenting its first ever pillar of social rights in Europe in November 2020. It puts gender equality at the heart of the agenda, including the European Commission’s vision for the future of women’s rights in Europe and its commitment to its implementation.

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There are many ways in which individuals, groups and organizations can participate in International Women’s Day 2020 and share the message that gender equality and diversity benefit families, organizations, communities and states. Participating agencies and stakeholders can also produce and distribute posters and posters in support of women’s rights, gender equality and gender diversity. Join us in calling on your government representatives to invest in three key areas that will have a real impact on women recovering from the COVID 19 pandemic. The theme celebrates the importance of the human rights of all women in shaping a more just future and underlines their role in the fight against pandemics and their contribution to the global fight against violence against women.

PCW will release Viber stickers with positive messages to promote gender equality and empower women. Women in leadership positions for an equal future in COVID – 19 around the world, an episode that anchors the theme of International Women’s Day. This is the first of its kind in the history of the PCW and an important step towards an equal future for all. 

The Caribbean Community (CARICOM) will join the rest of the world in celebrating this special devotion adopted by the United Nations. The day was formalized in 1910 when a group of women calling itself the International Women’s Day Committee (IWC) in New York City came up with the idea of International Women’s Day. It recalls the first steps taken towards the introduction of women’s rights at the UN General Assembly in Geneva on 1 April 1910.

It is a global event celebrating the political, economic and social achievements of women for what is called gender equality. It has been suggested that countries should celebrate women on this day to push their demands. There is still an urgent need for such a day and we are not achieving our goal of achieving an equal future for 19% of the world. We are well on the way to achieving full equality for all women in the world, but there is still an urgent need.

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International Women’s Day is recognized and celebrated by grassroots people as a rallying point for social justice. Last year, the theme was Each for Equal, which aims to acknowledge the importance of action to challenge stereotypes and celebrate women’s achievements.

In the US, the first National Women’s Day, as it was called, was recognized on February 28, 1909, and the following year the American Socialist Party announced a national day of action for women in support of women’s rights and equality. The Julian calendar, which was in force in Russia at the time, is Sunday, February 23, the same day that a woman’s strike in the United States began according to the Julian calendar.

It is often said that The date for International Women’s Day marks the mass protest of March 8, 1857, when women demonstrated in sewing and shoe factories for the same rights as men. In Europe, the International Socialist Conference of Women recommended that March 8 be declared International Women’s Day to commemorate the workers of the New York Fire and to promote women’s issues.

The UN has announced its 2021 theme as “An equal future for all” in COVID 19 around the world. In line with JICA’s goals, it is intended to celebrate the leadership of women to achieve an equal future in Covid 19 and the world around us.

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