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What’s stored in “Research and Innovations in 2020” magazine?

Over the last 1 year, Global Business has brought research and innovation into the limelight. Our primary aim is to help the business owners in redefining their goals for making a place in the world tomorrow. Here, we share shares innovative solutions developed by startup and MSMEs across the globe, upcoming hot enterprises and is a natural source for business decision-maker.

Our Research and Innovation magazine will introduce you to some of the reputed companies and personalities along with their innovative solutions. The prime motive of our magazine is to help you to continue to strive for excellence.

Let’s find out what’s there for us-


The robotic platform, Vanora Robot was designed as a support system for the frontline fighters of the COVID-19. It is a fully functional unmanned robotic platform to disperse high doses of Type C Ultra Violet rays to destroy the structure of all Bacteria, Fungal Spores and many types of Virus including various strains of Corona Virus.

Vanora Robot can disinfect a room of 140sq ft in less than five minutes and during which it gives full visual access to the environment, to the person controlling it remotely. It also constantly disinfects the floor it travels. Vanora Robots modular design makes it easily modifiable to suit various industries, hospitals, hotels, malls and public places which require quick disinfection or remote unmanned access.


Kaagaz Scanner is a Document Scanner and Storage App that helps user digitize physical documents, so that they can easily be stored, accessed and shared. Kaagaz is free to use, has no ads, required no login, is secured and has a custom watermark feature. It is available in 7 languages- English, Hindi, Telugu, Marathi, etc.


Padmavati is a portable smart technology that enable the community with on-site and fast fingertip solution for water quality monitoring. It utilizes low-cost, multi-parameter, colorimetric test-strip based smart technology that will allow to monitor multiple water quality within two minutes using a smartphone. This technology also records instant time-stamps and deo-locations and stores all data in a cloud server.


Imagineering Laboratory, IIT Kanpur has developed an Ultraviolet sanitizing product named SHUDH. The on/off, speed and location of the product can be controlled remotely by using available smartphone while installing an android application. SHUDH has six UV lights of 15 Watts each can be individually monitored from a distance. The device at its full operation can disinfect a 10X10 squared feet room in about 15mins.


Imagineering Lab IIT Kanpur in collaboration with Agnys Waste Management Private Limited has developed indigenous seed balls named BEEG. The scientific experiment has helped to standardize the composition and provide a suitable environment for the seeds to germinate when it comes in contact with water. This standardization will cut the hassle digging a pit and then planting a sapling and will save the time and preparation of these activities- allows for planting a large number of trees in much lesser time.


With patented process, it is possible to fabricate microporous elastomer thin films especially made of polydimethylsiloxane with controlled monomedal pore size distributions wherein ethyl acetate is used as the diluent and water as the porogen. This innovative process is a simple, scalable and low-cost technique having high reproducibility where small pores in the thin films allow air and water to be circulated; can block bacteria and viruses and have many advantages over existing techniques.


Noccarc V310 Nocca Robotics, an incubate company of SIIC IIT Kanpur took up the challenge to design and develop a fully functional indigenous ICU ventilator in collaboration with SIIC. Noccarc V310, an advanced ICU Ventilator with top of the line specifications was developed and commercialized within a span of 3 months looking at the surge in demand for ventilators to treat COVID-19 patients. It meets all the specifications laid out by Government of India through HLL Tender.

The product meets top of the line specifications are clinically validated, certified and are affordable, making them the best option for the end-user.


Disprz is now officially the #1 eLearning App in India. This is an incredible win for all of us and we are proud to have built ‘Disprz’ together piece by piece each day while striving towards reaching the zenith by disrupting the traditional business model in the Enterprise L&D industry. This win is a step towards achieving our mission of enabling every person advance at work and life, through the best technology-led, scientifically-backed learning experience.


Maps- Professionally created detailed map of India with ISRO’s Bhuvan Satellite view. Advanced 3D maps with location information. Navigation-travel the shortest routes and avoid traffic using voice guidance with India’s navigation experts IoT devices Location Analytics- Visual insights on the map like issues reported or reviews of nearby places. Find places faster with accurate house-number level search with MapmyIndia Move: Maps, Navigation & Tracking, it’s easy to find and navigate to your friend’s house address with a smarter search. Also try using eLoc, MapmyIndia’s 6 character unique digital address for any place. Simply type the eLoc into the search bar for quick address search.


A team of engineering students from IIT Bombay, NIT Srinagar, and Islamic University of Science & Technology (IUST), Awantipora, Pulwama, Jammu and Kashmir has come up together and developed a low-cost ventilator named ‘Ruhdaar’ using locally available material to fight against COVID 19. Project head Zulqarnain, a first-year student of Industrial Design Centre, IIT Bombay who teamed up with his friends P.S Shoib, Asif Shah and Shakar Nehvi from IUST, Awantipora, and Majid Koul from the Design Innovation Centre (DIC), at IUST to design the low-cost ventilators using locally available  materials. Initially, the team aimed to replicate a tried and tested design, but they ended was developing their own design of the ventilator.

Srinivasan Sridharan

Design for T-Mobile USA, Srinivasan Sridharan performs a critical role in designing and validating advanced cutting-edge telecommunication technologies and directly responsible for the Launch and continuous improvement of T-Mobile World’s First Nationwide 5G service. He holds the prestigious IEEE’s Senior grade membership awarded to him for his ‘Significant Contribution’s in his profession.’

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