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What’s with the wage-gap between men and women?

United States– Women have always made less than men according to the facts and figures show several decades. Currently, in the United States, a woman earns 81 cents for each dollar earned by a man, which amounts to more than 40 years of career and duration. 

Talking about last year, when the covid-19 outbreak took all over the globe, some women were found breaking the glass ceiling, while others have been ford to move backward as pandemic triggered a so-called “shecession”. 

On the other hand, compared with men, women will earn half a million dollars or less. While black, Latin, and Native American women will get on average 1 million or less. 

According to reports, in January 2020, women outnumbered men in the United States workforce. whereas in December last year, they accounted for nearly 90% of the jobs lost. Not only this, in this scenario, blacks and Latinas have been hit hard by the unemployment wave. Specifically, women lost about 5 million jobs, or about 54% of all male and female jobs, regardless of age. 

The problem was exacerbated in 2021. Basics says, to count as unemployed, you need to search for your next job. Unfortunately, about 2.3 million women left the workforce and are not thinking of joining a new one. The primary reason for this is that they have to take care of children or other family members. 

Assumptions indicate that the impact of this will last longer and could make a huge difference in the earnings of women. 

Even history says that in the nineties, before 1998, women who wanted a business loan needed the signature of a male relative. And after this, in 2017, New York was the first state to ban employers from asking questions about their current salary. Surprisingly, there are still many states that have no ban on wage history, immortalizing wage incongruities between men and women. 

The World Economic Forum says that at this rate, it will take more than 200 years for women worldwide to get equal pay or to eliminate income disparities. 

Poster: Our America: Women Forward. Sources: Internet

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