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Which brand product you must use to maintain flawless skin?

Notably, a good skincare product is as important as a good skincare routine. By making use of quality products you can make your skin look better in the future. On the other hand, a poor quality product can be ineffective and even cause harm to your skin. Dermatologist refers that quality skin care and facial products to keep the skin glowing and flawless.

Why good skincare is important?

Skincare is important for the following reasons-

Improves the condition of the skin

Well, throughout the day everyone sheds skin cells, so it is mandatory to keep the skin glowing and in good condition. It is an effective routine that helps in preventing acne treat wrinkles and supports in keeping the skin looking the best.

Skin looks youthful

With the going days, skin cells are turning slowly which makes it look duller and less radiant. By making use of a quality skincare line helps in removing dead skin cells by replacing them with newer and more youthful cells.

Easier correction

Prevention of skin problems is quite easier and less costly who is trying to fix them in the future. It is important to take care of the skin from the initial days.

Boost self-confidence

Moreover, when your skin looks better, you even feel better and grow self-confidence within yourself.

Well-known skin care startups that creating impact

  • Wild Earth

Wild Earth is a Mumbai-based brand that offers a range of natural beauty products that is free from sulfates and parabens. Currently, most Indian’s are looking out for this product to keep their skin beautiful. In 2016, Shabia Walia founded Wild Earth and today it has almost 17 categories. These products are handmade and eco-friendly for hand and skincare. Undoubtedly, this product is available at an affordable rate. Within a year or two, this homegrown brand recorded a whopping annual turnover of Rs.1.23 crore. When Shabia started this brand, she didn’t expect that this startup will gain so much popularity within this short time span. She started by making off her own body scrub which became popular among her friends and family and is now used by many.

Wild Earth believes that “looking beautiful need not come at the cost of harming nature of cruelty to animals.” The company offers handcrafted with ingenuity and passion also refers that one can feel the love when they make use of the Wild Earth.

  • Skin Yoga

Skin Yoga is started by three sisters from Ahmedabad. This company offers products from hair, face, body, and feet. In 2013, Radhika, Jagriti, and Deepika Choudhary launched the company with the main focus on influencing a shift to an organic lifestyle. For its quality, the brand won the CosmoProf Las Vegas 2016 Trendsetter Award. The product of this brand has been sold and gained popularity in more than 29 countries. Moreover, the brand has now become the powerhouse in India. At the time of the inception, the trio’s ventures have now grown by a whopping 40% year on year in terms of sales.

Skin Yoga provides 100% Natural Luxury Skincare brand selling which gained worldwide popularity. Their skincare products completely chemical-free and made of natural ingredients. Additionally, they also have experts who will help you in selecting the right product for your skin.

Skin Yoga believes “There is no better time than now to take care of your skin.”

  • Do Bandar

There are several brands available in the market which makes products for pets like paw balms, soaps, and health supplements. Here, they offer hand-craft body care experiences which work well on the mind, body, and soul. The products are made from natural ingredients which are completely chemical-free, hand-crafted, and created with love. Now, they are conscious of promoting the nature-friendly, safe and effective way to beauty which is liked by the great grandmothers or the ancestors. Well, their product celebrates the rich natural resources and traditions of India.

They use the ancient Ayurvedic recipes, royal Mughal recipes ad preparation perfected by generations of mothers and grandmothers.

Mayura Kadur is the founder and CEO of Do Bandar. She did everything starting from the raw materials price negotiation and random things in between. DO Bandar products are made in Bangalore. Moreover, the formulas contain no premade bases that have the ingredient which is used for specific purposes and delivers targeted result. They create eco-friendly products, and on the other hand, they also make use of recycling paper and packaging materials. Their handmade soaps are wrapped in banana fiber paper and also they make use of recycling glass bottles for their products. They are not a factory but an all “women social enterprise.”  

  • mCaffeine

In 2016, Vikas Lachhwani and Tarun Sharma have come up with the natural and organic product brand mCaffeine. They offer hair and skin care products that are imbued with caffeine. With almost 500K consumers the brand has gained its inception. Notably, the founder believes that the caffeine-based positioning gives them an edge. Thus, they are planning to roll out a range of green tea products. Currently, the brand owners have accomplished more than Rs 100 crore in annual revenue and 1.5 million consumers in the next 12 months.

This brand is India’s 1st caffeinated personal care brand that offers a wider range of caffeinated products to the young. Additionally, their products are 100% Vegan and Cruelty-free, Peta-certified brands. Additionally, their products are highly FDA approved as well as dermatologist tested. They “never sell insecurities” and their aim is to keep the consumer “Bold, Young and Confident.”

  • Plum

Within very few years, plum has made its remarkable place in the market for providing 100% vegan and flawless products. Shankar Prasad established this brand with the sole inspiration from the goodness of nature and to do well.

Notably, the Plum products are made out of plant sources in which 40 of them in skincare and body and bath essentials along with few color cosmetics at an affordable rate. Further, the company is looking forward to expanding its retail presence across India around 800 stores within few years. In every quarter the growing percentage is more than 35%. The founder exclaimed that his prime target to accomplish more than Rs100 crore with the span of five years. They believe that their products offer “the best things in life are clean, real, good.”

  • SkinKraft

Chaitanya Nallan, Co-Founder and CEO of SkinKraft forms a holistic assessment of the consumer’s skin, charts out the problem areas, and endorses a custom skincare regimen that fits rightly with the skin profile. This business started in the year 2018 and is boast big numbers where millions of women have registered and taken already an in-depth skin analysis. The company claimed to grow around $8million annual recurring revenue (ARR) within a very short time.

This is healthy skin which is characterized by smooth and glowing skin. The product helps in keeping the skin hydrated and doesn’t make it feel flaky or tight. It gives a smooth texture and makes it acne-free. SkinKraft products protect skin damage from air pollution, UVA radiation, organic, pollutants, PAH, smoke, soaps, etc. It also helps in recovering the skin issues like uneven skin tone, dryness, pimples, and other skin alignments.

Benefits of skincare

Improved skin

Along with the quality products it is necessary to maintain a healthy diet that helps to improve your skin quality.

Protection of environmental damage

You need to protect your skin from the damage of pollution by making use of quality brand products and taking opinions from the experts to make the right use of them.

Fight aging

Quality products help in fighting against aging like wrinkles and sunspots.

Output of money

Well, the quality product costs in some cases but it is worth the money. On the other hand, if you avail any product by only seeing the cost, it can be ineffective products by wasting your money.

Exceeding standard

Well, quality skincare products are needed to be refined with fewer bacteria and impurities.

By 2022, it is expected that the Indian Beauty and Personal Care market will reach the height of USD 23 Billion. These startups are now dragging the attention and eye of the people. With the best products, you can keep your skin glowing and beautiful.

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