Work from home is beneficial but employees do miss their coworkers

Although many workers have enjoyed working from home there are several workers who won’t mind going back to the office sooner.

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, employees did work from home for a year. After working for so long, employees miss in-person conversation mostly. This is according to a recent report by management consultancy Seyfarth at work.

Well, lunches and happy hours with colleagues who are daily structured and fewer interruptions by children ranked high in the poll by more than 500 workers from companies of different sizes which conducted between January and February.

The president of Seyfarth at work, Philippe Weiss said, “People loved the cooperative feeling of being in a workplace with colleagues.” Also added, “What was surprising was that even 16% said they missed the commute.”

By referring to the loss of boundaries between work and home in the last year, this was the “moment that they can transition in and out of the workday.” He also added, “What the pandemic has crystalized is that everyone is looking at their own work and their own families and how the two are interrelated.”

Currently, there is lots of discussion about how the office will reopen and who will need to return to the office, and when.

As per Pew Research Centre, it is found that more than half of the employees gave the consent that they want to keep working from their home after the coronavirus crisis dwindles at least part of the time.

Moving forward, most of the companies have mentioned that they must adopt some flexible weekly schedule as per another report from the Conference Board.

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