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World Hindi Day is observed on 10 January

World Hindi Day is observed on 10 January 2020. It is observed every year. The day ensures to promote the Hindi language around the world. World Hindi Day is different from National Hindi Day.  Aim: The day aims to create a suitable environment to promote Hindi worldwide and to present Hindi as the prevalent language of the world.  Events: On this day, Indian Foreign Ministries located abroad organizes various programs.  People of Indian origin living abroad organize various programs and celebrate the day. Unique programs for Hindi on various subjects are organized in all government offices. World Hindi Day-History: The first World Hindi Conference was held on 10 January 1975. It was inaugurated by the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. World Hindi Conferences have been organized in various countries like India, Mauritius, United Kingdom, Trinidad and Tobago, United States.  On 10 January 2006, the Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh declared the day should be celebrated as World Hindi Day every year. It is celebrated every year since then. Hindi: The word Hindi is believed to be transformed from the Sanskrit word Sindhu. Hindi is spoken by about 43 crore people in the world. It is the fifth most spoken language among the total languages spoken in the world. The Hindi language is spoken in many countries including Bangladesh, Mauritius, Pakistan, Nepal, Germany, New Zealand, Guyana, United Arab Emirates, Uganda, Suriname, Trinidad, USA, UK, and South Africa. Note: World Hindi Day is different from National Hindi Day. National Hindi Day is observed on 14 September every year.

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