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World Water Day 2021: Theme, history, and how the day will be celebrated

On 22 March 2021, World Water Day is observed to emphasize the fresh importance of fresh water in our lives. The global event is up to celebrate water and elevates the awareness of the global water crisis. The core focus of the event is to support the achievements of Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 6: water and sanitation for all by 2030. To educate and hold hands for a better future and plenty of water, and to make a great future for the coming generations. 

For instance, at least 2.2 billion population globally, that is around one-third of the total world population don’t have access to fresh and clean water.

Moreover, the United Nations stated one of the core focus areas of World Water Day is to work towards water conservation and the right use of natural resources. 

Theme- 2021 

The Theme of World Water Day 2021, is “Valuing Water”. The value of water isn’t only about the price, as it has an anomalous and complex value for our day-to-day lives, households, culture, health, food, education, economics, and even the integrity of our natural environment. In case, we neglect any of these elements or crucial values, we will risk the confounding of this infinite, irreplaceable resource. As we stated above, we are here to ensure achieving SDG 6. It is about guaranteeing water and sanitation for all globally. Without understanding the true values, we won’t be able to safeguard this resource for the benefit of humans. 

And this year, we are going to celebrate it virtually, due to the covid-19 outbreak, and to ensure safe learning and conserving water globally. 

History- Why we celebrate World Water Day 

Back in 1992, one of the conferences by the United Nations on Environment and Development took place in Rio De Janeiro. Later, The UNGA transferred and adopted a resolution announcing 22 March as World Water Day. Since then, we observe this day as one of the auspicious and important dates for our nature. The first day was celebrated in 1993, and many more themes, ideas, events, and initiatives became part of it with time and issues. 

For instance, Some of the events, and initiatives became part of the ways to raise awareness about the cruciality of water conservation. They are the international year of Cooperation in the Water Sphere 2013, and ongoing International Decade for Action on Water for Sustainable Development, 2018-28. You would be surprised, the water problems and sanitation are one of the keys to poverty reduction, economic growth, and most importantly environmental sustainability. 

How India Celebrated World Water day’2021

On the occasion of World Water Day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced- he will launch the “Jal Shakti Abhiyan”. He said by a tweet: The movement “catch the Rain” or Jal Shalti Abhiyan” will be rolled out across the nation, 734 districts covering around 600,000 villages, and it will commence by 12:30 PM, today. 

Moreover, the governments of UP (Uttar Pradesh) and MP (Madhya Pradesh) will sign a memorandum of agreement with the Jal Shakti Ministry for initiating the Ken-Betwa Link Project soon. With the construction of Daudhan Dam and a water canal linking two rivers, the Lower Orr project and other Bina complex multipurpose projects.

This project will focus on carrying water from surplus areas to those that are water-scarce by interlinking water sources or rivers. 

The movement will be implemented between March 22 and November 30’2021, covering the monsoon season in the nation. This will support farmers with annual irrigation of 10.6 lakh hectare area, drinking water supply to 6.2 million households, and also support in producing 103 MW of hydropower. 

Later on the day, the rural governing bodies (gram sabha) will discuss the water-related issues and how to execute the solutions for proper conservation. The statistics by NITI Aayog- approximately 600 million Indians face “high to extreme water stress” and the nation’s water demand is going to double by 2030. Hence, it is high time to act and save nature’s resources for our future and betterment. 

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