A longboarder’s closest calls over 10 years of filming

Lonboarder Josh Neuman build together this compilation of his ten closest calls whereas filming his longboarding over ten years. What he says about his #1 closest name:

What Occurred: While on a manufacturing shoot we had one of many crew members force down earlier to us and block off the street for one minute at a time whereas we skated down the mountain. We had been rushing to beat the sunset and rep as essential footage as imaginable whereas the lighting fixtures became once factual so our verbal exchange about where precisely the automobile became once purported to be blockading the street became once subpar. As you look in the video, the result is us having to swerve off to the aspect of the street to manual sure of hitting the automobile that became once parked roughly 200 feet closer than it’ll quiet’ve been. We never toddle into the opposite lane on a blind turn unless we have got walkie talkies and/or a spotter letting us know the street is clear

It be factual to know he in point of fact has a personnel and spotters and all that, but it no doubt’s quiet loopy how runt protection he’s wearing. Even with the total precautions, there’s no system I might perhaps well well be doing this without wearing beefy bike armor and wrapping myself with sufficient pillows to ogle like Michelin Man cosplay.

Rep going for the beefy video.

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