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Intel’s 11th Gen Rocket Lake desktop CPUs: Release Date Announced

After several manifolds, rumors, and worries to follow the work, Intel has finally released the launch date of its next 11th generation Rocket Lake Desktop CPU series. With the complete information and availability of its range and other critical specifications of the Core i9 and Core i7 are now among us. 

Thus, if you are in the tech market and waiting for a new Intel CPU, it is no secret that it won’t take long. Earlier, the company announced already that the Rocket Lake-S is coming in the first half of 2021. 

Launch and Release Date Details 

But a recent report says the Intel newest CPU family is supposedly coming earlier than that. It has been seen that one German retailer (through Techradar) inadvertently commenced listing the products, which is why Intel gave up the releasing date information, reluctantly. It didn’t mention any particular name but said it might be connected to 

The Rocket Lake-S of CPUs is going to be launched on March 30’ 2021, said Andreas Schilling from hardwareLuxx. 

Andreas Schilling tweet to Intel. Sources: Twitter

Andreas Schilling from HarwareLuxx shared a tweet exchange, and said, “We take our embargo agreements seriously. We are aware of a retailer selling unreleased products and are following up as appropriate.” – Twitter 

One of the Spokespersons of Intel also confirmed through Twitter the launch schedule of the new series, while answering to HardLuxx. Even, the timings are also set- On 16 March at 8:00 a.m. PT. Hence, it is all set to launch the desktop processor series, including all needed product information, and open up for pre-orders on the same day, allowing partners to start advertising the Intel chips officially over the web. 

Performance review 

Meanwhile, Intel sanctioned the performance review, benchmark, and sales are also scheduled for 30th March at 6 a.m. PT. This news also came up while following up the issue of some retailers selling Intel 11th generation core CPUs before the company’s official release. Moreover, Intel added that they are fully aware of the whole incident and it is currently conducting an ongoing dialogue with retailers and partners of the Factory. 

In addition, Intel was seen showing off its Rocket Lake-S series, specifically the core i9-11900K. It has eight cores, a 4.8GHz clock speed with a 5.3GHZ turbo speed, and also has 16 threads. This series supports faster DDR4-3200 memory and up to 20PCle 4.0 lanes. It fully works with Intel’s new 500 series chipset but is also backward with Intel 400 series chipsets. All these specifications made people get excited and gave birth to an eagerness to use it as soon as possible. Not only this, it uses the same LGA 1200 socket as Comet Lake-S did, but technical geeks say-it needs a newer chipset or a firmware update on some of the older ones. Thus, the past CES year went with lots of rumors all over the market. 

Check, what all is coming in the series- 

One of the recent reports from Wccftech stated that Intel is preparing 10 SKUs in both Core i9 and Core i7 Line-up. Whereas, the i9 series includes Core i9 11900K, Core i9 11900KF, Core i9 11900, Core i9 11900T, and Core i9 11900F. On the other hand, the Intel Core i7 lineup holds Core i7 11900, Core i7 11900T, Core i7 11900KF, and Core i7 11900T. 

In case you are eager to know what would be the price margin, then the core i7 series is a lower binned SKU that will cost a little less than the Intel Core i9 series. To get a better idea, you can take over the tweet shared by Techcentrik, one of the IT holding companies. This is tabular information of all the lineups and specifications of the Core i9 and Core i7 variants courtesy of Wccftech.

Information about lineups and series specifications. Sources: Twitter

Lastly, Intel 8 core i7 10700K in the current generation scored around 148 for a single-core performance basis and suggesting the new processor provides a boost of around 21% over its predecessor. Meanwhile, it is the performance margin that is expected to be the highest number of cores available with the new rocket lake series and ditching the 10 core option from the current comet lake family. 

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