No Smoking Day 2021- All you need to know

No Smoking Day is celebrated annually on March 10 to support and encourage people globally to quit smoking. It’s like a deadly disease or addiction that people have all over the world that slowly kills your body and lets you suffer severely. It can increase your risk of a variety of health problems over a number of years while some of the physical outcomes are paramount. Therefore, to spread the wave of abandonment of this severe dependence «NoSmoking Day» is observed annually. 

The way of giving justice to the idea, and thought behind it- people motivate others to stop having tobacco or smoke for around 24 hours for the prevention of their lives.

History speaks- The first No Smoking Day was on Ash Wednesday in 1984 in the UK (united kingdom) and since then, it is being observed as an annual affair that tries to detach people from the harmful effects of smoking. And this year, it is once again to defend the bad and fatal habits of protecting millions of lives around the world. 

Aristotle said right- “Quitting smoking is rather a marathon than a sprint. It is not a one-time attempt, but a longer effort.” 

Wise words always help us find the right path, it is on whether to move forward or not. And that’s what No Smoking Day means, a way to enrich the world with the right ways to live and save lives while protecting their families. This is not a task of a day or a job, this is a long effort for which holding hands together is a must. 

In recent decades, it has taken millions of lives and is hazardous to the body. Thus, each year, the campaign cum initiative is prompted with a short and vivid theme- “Break Free”. It is to encourage smokers to break free from the chains of cigarettes and quit on this crucial day. 

The theme for 2011 was “Time to Quit?” Even previous research by GfK NOP following the 2009 campaign showed that one in ten smokers quit smoking on Smoke-Free Day. These campaigns are jointly carried out by the charity or NGOs of the same name in London. Management is carried out by all four full-time employees. The funding is done by a coalition government and a few voluntary units. And later it was combined with the British Heart Foundation in 2011. 

The recent president of this campaign was “Duncan Bannatyne”, an entrepreneur, TV personality, and anti-smoking activist. He was a former smoker who publicly quit and took on British American Tobacco at his AGM in April 2008. 

Finally, on that day, a number of events or campaigns are organized to educate and raise awareness about the harmful effects of tobacco on health. And how to prevent it and lead a healthy lifestyle.

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