Afghanistan VP tells Lara Logan al Qaeda and the Taliban are love Coke and Pepsi

Fox Nation host Lara Logan pressed the Taliban’s chief spokesperson on his refusal to denounce al Qaeda in an episode of Fox Nation’s “Lara Logan Has No Agenda” that aired in a Fox News particular on Sunday.

Logan also spoke with Amrullah Saleh, the Vice President of Afghanistan, who mentioned the variations between ISIS, al Qaeda, and the Taliban had been minuscule, and the group will not be any longer to be depended on. 

“Ideologically, the distinction between ISIS, al Qaeda and the Taliban is the distinction between the model of Coke and Pepsi,” he mentioned. “At the same time as you take away the labels, can you say which one is Coke and which one is Pepsi?” he requested.

Logan requested Suhail Shaheen, spokesperson for the Taliban, about the group’s refusal to condemn al Qaeda. 

“At the same time as you hold read the Doha Settlement in that we hold clearly mentioned we won’t enable somebody whether a particular person or an entity, any community to exhaust the residing of Afghanistan in opposition to the US, its allies in any a host of country of the field.” 


Logan pressed Shaheen, but the Taliban spokesperson refused to explicitly condemn the terrorist group.

Logan also advised “America Reports” Monday that the root that the Taliban will not be any longer ideologically linked to or working with al Qaeda is “the most ridiculous lie of this entire war.” 

Saleh famed the Taliban “mediate that they are able to conquer,” and “mediate that their Jihadist literature will prevail.” 

Husain Haqqani, the ragged Ambassador of Pakistan, advised Logan that the Taliban is a “totalitarian motion, with a extraordinarily slender vision for how they wish society and, that is who they are.” 

Haqqani added the Taliban does no longer represent the bulk of the Afghan public, but somewhat wants “an Islamic system.” He puzzled what an Islamic system of executive used to be, and famed that in Afghanistan, the Taliban would elaborate what that regarded love. 

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