SYCHO – Show your unique talent – Best Tik Tok Alternative in India

It is almost months since TikTok was banned in India, but it is far from being replaced. Indian government banned the Chinese – developed app on June 29, a slew of alternative video-sharing apps vying for its place. Although already a popular name, there are plenty of other apps and platforms emerging as India’s tiktok alternatives or the latest buzzword. The biggest app on the banned list is Tik Tok, and a number of them have already thrown their hat into the ring.

Yash star solution has developed an app that has the potential to generate fire in the Indian market. The app, touted as a desi choice after Tiktok, was reportedly developed by Media Matters, the company behind popular video-sharing app YouTube.

Made In India – APP – SYCHO

Made In India - APP - SYCHO
Made In India – APP – SYCHO

TikTok’s alternative, SYCHO – Show your unique talent, was founded by Indians themselves, who demonstrated their “Indian needs, behaviors and sensitivities,” according to the company. 

If there’s one Indian app that gives you an experience similar to what TikTok offers, it’s SYCHO – Show your unique talent. It’s a video – making app where you can again – create viral videos of famous movies and status. This is one of the most famous Indian apps for Tik Tok, which offers the ability to create synchronizations of your best dances and lips to share on other social platforms. There is no Tik Tokyo made in India, except for the short videos available here today.

Here you can read the  “Indian” app that we believe can make the most of the ban. If you use an Indian app, you will be supported by the government and help the Indian economy directly. 

Although there are many alternatives, there is no doubt that this app is absolutely safe to use in India. This app has been downloaded over 5K times worldwide on the Play Store and It is very easy to use and although it is a “Made in India” app, it also works perfectly for alternative Tik Tok apps.

Short Video Sharing platform -SYCHO

This short video platform has gained many users in the recent past and maybe a possible alternative to banned Chinese apps. SYCHO – Show your unique talent is one of the most popular alternatives to the Tik Tok Alternative App in India. This alternative Indian app is one of 58 Chinese apps banned in our country.

Aside from its flaws and controversies, Tik Tok is one of the few apps that has successfully penetrated rural India. SYCHO – Show your unique talent is the best Indian TikTok alternative and the most popular alternative to the popular Indian alternative app. The app also has a huge selection of content and there have been over 5K downloads gained in recent months.

Application features!

1) Add BIO to your Account
2) You can upload Private videos for yourself
3) Create or Upload videos upto 60 sec
4) Create videos with your Favourite sound
5) Share videos directly to Social media
6) Send Images/Audio/GIF in chat
7) Enable/Disable comments for your Videos
8) Copy video Link added
9) Video watermark added

Sycho is India’s favourite video creation and sharing app. Made in India, for the world.

With our free to download India’s best app, you can share videos & images on Whatsapp Status from over 25+ Channels on the platform including fashion, comedy & jokes, homemade healthcare solutions, entertainment, singing, sports  and many more. The start-up has gradually become one of the most popular TikTok alternatives in India. Indian-made apps have proven to be a great way to tell the sensibilities, needs and behavior of Indians. One of the fastest growing applications for content creators looking for The perfect Tik Tok alternative for India is the video streaming app for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. 

One of the best parts of using this app is that you can become famous by getting the chance to make your best profile video in India go viral. You can earn millions of fans in just a few days, which is an interesting app that can replace Tik Tok. 

India’s Talent Showcase Platform- SYCHO

It is an Indian, which was founded now and is available on Android devices.SYCHO app is a 6 second video that makes TikTok Alternative (Indian app), which is used for interaction and collaboration.         

SYCHO is desi alternative to Tik Tok on India, we have also talked, but this is best Tik Tok alternative. SYCHO is one of the most popular Tik Tik alternatives in India and it is the only app that lets you record yourself talking about something funny, house of fun, try not to laugh, sycho, funny video, or funny and then share videos & images on Whatsapp Status from over 25+ Channels on the platform including fashion, comedy & jokes, homemade healthcare solutions, entertainment, singing, sports  and many more.

Download the app from the below link:

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