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India to play a “Decisive Role” in 5G Era: TRAI Secretary

NEW DELHI- India is set to play a decisive role in the 5G era, given innate strengths in software capabilities, and digital marketplace. While keeping the progressive FDI regime, manufacturing programs, and determining for self-reliance would escort large investments, and growth in the telecom market,- said by the senior TRAI official on Thursday. 

This move has been taken because of the heavy dependence on the import of telecom things and equipment. It has been a point of concern, given financial impact and security implications, and a well-planned and analyzed approach on congenial production “will be the right path forward”. Moreover, the existing global supply chains are facing disruptions and new opportunities are arising in Telecom development, – said by Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) secretary S.K. Gupta. 

On the other hand, he added- while there has been an exponential growth of telecom networks, we are hugely dependent on the import of tools. Telecom imports have been in the range of around 1 lakh crore inclusive every year which is a point of concern. 

Now we are trying to give more focus on boosting in-house production of equipment in India and becoming independent. 

Imports do not only have an adverse financial impact but also increase security concerns. And also the risk connected with the concentration of the supply chain in a few places has attracted the attention of world leaders, said Gupta in a webinar. 

It has been decided that India will play a decisive role in the new era of 5G and other relatable developments, which are supported by strengths in software and digital infrastructure. 

If we try to become independent, we can, given the skill base in India, the scale of the Indian market, and leading technology orientation, makes an attractive option for global producers. 

The FDI regime and PLI scheme for the same are set to drive the manufacturing ecosystem in India, to bring more and more investors to the market. 

The authorities stated- “existing wide base of telecom, internet subscribers, affordable broadband services, combined with the power of advanced technologies like AI, cloud, and paths are flagging the way for a digitally-strong “New India” and Independent. 

The covid-19 pandemic boosted the adoption of technologies across the board in a short period, and the development of telecom was one of the critical support and turning more power to the different sectors of the market. 

Lastly, Gupta said we have one of the world’s largest fiber rollout programs Bharat net around 600000 villages are to be connected via this flagship program. We can offer all services at much cheaper prices and better standards. 

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