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From Practice to Perfection

The story of success is like the tip of an iceberg; nobody really understands what’s hidden under the deep waters. Be it the endless hours of toiling to get something right, or the agonizing hours of brainstorming just to make that one idea click. We all know it takes hard work but the real question is, how much is too much? Or is there ever a too much? We all know practice makes a man perfect but how often do we practice being our best? Here we have a story from Pinnacle of one such dynamic Entrepreneur who with his partner has taken innovation and perfection to another level. They have taken the education industry by a storm with their heart touching success stories and a pitch-perfect business plan.

It is rightly said that a business is not made by numbers, but by the lives it has improved and the stories it has garnered over the years. The first story every business venture witnesses is the story of its founder. The story of the struggles and accomplishments, the story of turning an idea into a successful venture.  Pinnacle education is one such success story which saw it roots grow in the mind of a young Michael Fernandes, teaching his classmates, tricks to enjoy studying.  Being the best started at a very young age for him and the love for teaching creatively blossomed at the young of 12 in the classrooms of his school while helping a classmate enjoy studying for the tests. Since then enjoying studying became his forte and there was no looking back. The apple of everyone’s eye at school, Michael excelled as a student in every field. He was selected as the house Captain. For a student, his age, it was the most prestigious leadership opportunity to have. He was an amazing foot ball player and topped his class in every single exam. In other words, he was a true all rounder who juggled sports and studies in the most efficient manner. For showing exceptional performance in academics as well as extra-curricular activities he also won a Gold Medal, for being the most outstanding student in his school.

As fate had it, at the age of 15 Michael lost his family’s pillar, when he lost his father. After a prolonged illness, his father left them with no saving to spare. Michael and his mother were back to square one on the financial front and the young talented boy now had to shoulder the responsibility of his own education and take care of his mother as well. In the words of Joeel Osteen” Nothing Happens to you, it happens for you. Michael made his choice and at the tender of 15, he chose to take matters in his own hands. He started off by home-delivering grocery bags for Local Grocery Store Owners for 6 Rs. per bag.  Slowly moving on to tutoring small children in his building and helping them make studying an enjoyable experience. During this time his mother Lt. Mrs. Sindhu Fernandes also helped pay for his education by taking up the job of a caregiver to an old couple. The undying support of his mother and his grit helped Michel still be the best student in the class. He aced all his subjects and was still the most outstanding student at Jr. College.

Time flew and the brilliant student that he was Michael got himself an engineering seat with the help of an Education Loan. His dedication and good marks helped him gain the confidence to teach even higher classes. Academically Michael had progressed into being one of the most efficient students, and on the personal front he was teaching better with each passing day.  Michael always had a keen eye for seeing an opportunity when it came, he found one in his college as well. He saw students who needed help writing their assignments and took it up as an earning opportunity to help him not only study better but earn a few extra bucks.

Meanwhile without his knowledge the word spread out and new standards of learning were set by Michael. His innovative and interesting ways of learning techniques spread far and wide. At the time one Corporator of Nasik Road jurisdiction supported him to make a batch of students who needed special attention in learning. Slowly gradually one batch turned to two and before he knew it he was one of the most sort after teacher for his amazing teaching skills. He was approached by many well known classes like Mahesh Tutorials and Nayaks for his innovative techniques.  Another class approached him for teaching physics to junior college students. He had garnered so much love by now that a special batch had to be made on the request of students.  Slowly gradually his confidence grew and he planned of starting his own venture which would handle the complete learning experience differently.

 In 2011 he along with his Business (And now, Life) partner, Ms. Kshama VeenaPrakash Achanna, laid the foundation for a whole new journey called Pinnacle Education. The idea came from seeing the plight of students having a difficult time coping with studies. They came together chalked out a plan and decided to go ahead and start Pinnacle. A class that started with a few plastic chairs and close to 15 students for first batch of 12th has now moved on to instill the joy of learning in student as young as 10 yrs old. One of the most amazing developments noticed is that, in the course curriculum of Maharashtra State-Board, Michael’s learning techniques have now found a way in the text books for students to follow.  Pinnacle has now gone a step forward and has tried to make a mark by being first of its kind holistic development centre where not only a child’s academic needs are met but also each child is given her/ his own place to blossom into their best. With Kshama’s expertise in Manthan career counseling now each child knows their innate potential and is given proper impetus in developing it.  

Michael has always believed in changing with the times and tides and hence he himself never stops learning. He keeps updating himself on how better can a student as an individual be understood and be adapted to his or her own learning style and pattern. He sincerely believes that every individual has the capacity to excel in his or her own field of expertise and leave a mark on the world.  A few of his achievements on the learning front include Rational-Emotive & Cognitive Behavior therapy Skills. He has been a panelist on the (Youth Inspirators Network) YIN Summit and has been felicitated as the Best Youth Entrepreneur and Expert speaker and for his contribution in the education sector. Times have changed from 6/- per grocery bag to being an inspirator, but the young curious mind is still the same.

The hunger for learning, if kept ablaze forever, can take you places. As a result of his Dedication towarfs Development of Students through Education, he was recently nominated on a National Level by Indian Education Awards 2019, in the category of Innovative Educator. 

As Pele rightly quotes ‘Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.’ The love of learning of one team is soon going to change the way the world looks at learning. We hope Pinnacle Education shines as the beacon of light in the education world and shifts paradigms of learning for the world for good.

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