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In today’s technology world, one must be aware of all the different computer document types to cope up with his/her work, it can be expensive to purchase multiple software programs to convert your files. Everybody now is connected to working online either it’s a student or a colleague working for the office, converting files is often needed for editing.  A general document that folks frequently demand to convert is a PDF. In this article, you will give you various converter tools that you can use to easily convert our file into pdf with just a few clicks.

 Adobe Acrobat PDF Converter

It’s a very interesting and successful fact of Adobe Acrobat that there are approximately five million organizations around the world that rely on Acrobat DC and these numbers are rising as we speak. Adobe Acrobat helps users to create and edits the most PDFs. It also helps in modifying PDFs to Microsoft Office formats and most of the office workers when one is on the move and in the need to collaborate with other buddies in various sites, helps in making that situation possible without making the extra effort.

Soda PDF Converter

It is also considered among the best online converter tool. Soda PDF Converter is well known for its easy way to access whatsoever device. One can easily edit a file, annotate, create multiple PDF files on its device, convert PDF to Word, and vice versa, or one can also read on any of your devices or online. You can select anything at all by our requirements or demand.

One of the incredible things about this converter tool is that it is extremely easy to convert documents using this all you have to do is just use the drag-and-drop feature of the tool you want to convert. Then, pick any kind of file format you want to convert, and let the tool do its enchantment for us.

PDF is counted among the most used document format online. Various features are print and are fixed while formatting a file into the PDFs to look the same on any device. With the help of OCR, you can also see the extraction of text from images, for example, if you convert from JPEG to PDF.

The was established in 2018. At current, they are providing the interface in 15 different languages. Every single day the service is utilized by a large number of people working online. This tool is counted to have the largest file conversion listed of supported formats.

Just select the file you wish to convert on the page and one can have the power to convert or use more than 250 different file formats without registration.

They have a proper process of deleting the uploaded files instantly and the files which are converted after 24 hours. Entire files transfer between the user and the site are secured with an advanced level of SSL encryption which is very hard to access if somebody even tries to. You don’t need to install any software or any specific file to access the conversion feature everything is in the cloud and doesn’t use any resources of your device.

Small PDF convertor

Small PDF Converter is just named small but in reality, don’t let it fool you by its name. Small PDF Converter bestows us with a lot of convenient and essential features. It is very easy for those who are new to all this or you can say the beginner level user because it is very convenient and has an easy interactive interface.  They inaugurate that the present PDF software is too tough and clumsy to use so they made the Smallpdf eliminate this specific problem by removing unused features by the software and concentrating on the user experience.


It endorses over 1,100 file conversion types for every type of user in the world. You can review the popular conversion kinds right on the main page if you want to be sure before you get started. Then, browse for the file or enter its URL and choose the output format.

It works in quite a different way than the other converters in this you must provide an email address to obtain our new file, unlike the other converters. The site also offers an inbox to manage our files with a paid account. If you do not mind using our email address to receive our file, or even prefer it, take a look at Zamzar.

It’s a myth that once a pdf is created it can’t be edited unless you get a PDF editor or convert it to Word. The best converters will allow us to convert our Word document back to PDF and vice versa. These online converter tools will save you from all the hassle of having to retype your document to edit it.

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