5 Reasons Why I Prefer Dukaan Over The Giants Like Amazon And Flipkart

When I had started my own business, I initially thought of getting myself associated with giants like Amazon and Flipkart. These tech giants offer you decent value and significant outreach to sell your products internationally.

However, after conducting meticulous research on the same, I concluded that these giants might offer you great opportunities to expand your brand; however, it all comes with specific protocols and restrictions.

Since the day I started my business, I have preferred to use the Dukaan app over Amazon or Flipkart. 

Once I got my store registered online on the app, all I had to do was fill up my inventory and share my store link on WhatsApp groups. 

The rest of the responsibilities and task undertaking was done by Dukaan itself, which is a feature I deeply admire about the app.

Dukaan has offered me a significant value and extremely reliable services without any hassle or unprecedented scenarios to tackle.

Negative Aspects Of Selling On Amazon And Flipkart

Despite the copious benefits offered, the cons of selling and making a name for your brand is not as easy and tempting as it might appear to the general public.

Here are mentioned some of the reasons as to why I don’t prefer to sell on giants like Amazon and Flipkart – 

  • Overwhelming Competition 

With Amazon being the most extensive online market internationally, the competition is sky-high. The same goes for Flipkart in India.

There are thousands of other sellers and competitors in your line of business, and competing with the pre-established brands is often not advisable.

  • Absence of Control

Once you sign up to a marketplace like Amazon, you have to abide by its rules. These giants emphasise on the products, not the sellers. 

This means that the opportunities you have are minimal to showcase your brand presence.

  • Fees 

Even if your revenue is bound to increase by being on Amazon or Flipkart, it all comes at a cost. 

Regardless of whether you own a professional account or opt for FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon), these giants would undoubtedly charge you for it.

Before settling your brand into these giant marketplaces, you need to consider the amount that you would be paying them to be on their platform, regardless of whether you achieve high sales figures or not.

Reasons To Prefer Dukaan

When it comes to doing business, I prefer Dukaan over these giants, considering the facts that the experience on this app is seamless, hassle-free, with no unnecessary expenditures, and with the added benefit of freedom.

Unlike any giant, Dukaan grants you complete dominion over your e-commerce business. Customer distraction is significantly reduced when they visit Dukaan, but that is not the case with Amazon or Flipkart.

Dukaan is made for anyone who intends to sell any products or services online using WhatsApp. Dukaan is exceptionally useful for the following businesses – 

  • Grocery shops
  • Restaurants/Hotels
  • Fruits and Vegetable stores
  • Electronics shops
  • Clothes, Jewellery, or Furniture stores

Here are the core features that Dukaan offers – 

  • Managing Products and Catalogues 

With so many commodities and products that your business manufactures, it can be tedious to manage them effectively. However, with Dukaan, you can –

  • Add new products and tweak prices
  • Edit product prices at any time
  • Turn on/off product availability
  • Remove products
  • Manage catalogues
  • Processing Orders 

When your business is bombarded with orders, Dukaan will help you fulfil, reject, or archive all orders for every store you own.

  • Review Store Performance 

After a hectic day at work, you must be excited to see how you did so far. Dukaan enables you to –

  • View sales reports by day, week, or month
  • Download your sales reports
  • Sell On More Sales Channels 

With Dukaan, you can advertise your brand by –

  • Promoting your store with anyone on WhatsApp/Facebook
  • Share a particular product or catalogue on Whatsapp/Facebook

Additional Features 

One of the best values that Dukaan offers is zero transaction fees. Dukaan does not charge any commission from any orders that I ship.

Moreover, it offers – 

  • Multiple device support
  • Generates business cards and enables sharing
  • Manages your inventory and product variants
  • Offers smart product recommendations

Additionally, Dukaan is available in over 150 countries and currently supports English. If you still are not convinced, know that over 12000 stores are already utilizing Dukaan to market on WhatsApp.

Final Words

While the competition is intense in the market, people often consider it more comfortable to start selling on Amazon or Flipkart.

Instead, I highly recommend to all the small business owners to try the Dukaan app and see your business thrive in no time.

By digitizing your business economically through the Dukaan app, not only do you save money but also receive convenience and care from the customer support.

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