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Amazon India to vaccinate its frontline workers, starting with Delhi

On Tuesday, Amazon announced that it would begin vaccinating frontline delivery workers in India via on-site vaccination camps at its operations buildings. The drive will first be held in Delhi and will be expanded to employees in other cities as more vaccines become available.  

The firm wrote in the recent blog post that it has taken its learnings from vaccinating frontline workers over the age of 45 and over the next few days will initiate hosting on-site events with licensed healthcare offerings. 

Meanwhile, on twitter the company tweeted “At Amazon India we’re working to make vaccination a ready choice for employees. Our on-site vaccination events are just one of the many measures we’re taking to keep our employees and communities safe”.

The company said that- it will not only ensure the safety of its workforce but also the communities they live in, it will help in a broad manner. This covid drive will support the ease and release the burden on community-run vaccination clinics and units. 

Before the firm said it would cover the cost for vaccinations of 10 lakh individuals, involving its employees, service partners, sellers and more. As part of this initiative, the firm had said frontline workers will be offered up to Rs 750 to get vaccinated off-site. 

The blog alsos says- “We recognise that not every person will have access to on-site vaccination events right away and hence we are offering up to Rs 750 to frontline employees who can get vaccinated off-site”. 

With these benefits such as salary advances, leave, and isolation facility support in case they get positive and don’t have the means to isolate themselves from their  families and home, then the company can support them via this drive. 

Lastly, it has also added it is making efforts to motivate its employees to get vaccinated at the earliest, and it is totally safe. The company will also reimburse the vaccination costs, to ease out the whole process.

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