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Apoorvaa Foundation is driving the financial sector to a new dimension

Apurva Bhagat, the Founder and President of Apoorvaa Foundation that is engaged in credit rectification services in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. With 21 years of vast experience in the finance industry, he is working towards the betterment of people in terms of credit repair and improvement.

For 21 years, Mr. Apoorvaa Bhagat had gained enormous experience in finance, taxation, project financing, and retail sector loan along with Credit Analysis. This experience is not only made Mr. Bhagat a self –driven entrepreneur but also made him insightful to sense the flow of business and its future.

At the time of article ship, Mr. Bhagat had decided to be an entrepreneur, and the journey that he chooses made him realize the need for Credit Analysis due to many ups and downs in the Banking sector and RBI Norms. At this point of time, he understood the verge part of the Credit Issue and he transformed the mindset into Apoorvaa Foundation with a view to providing Credit Rectification Services which is not just only the first leading organization of India but also the first professional service provider in Credit Rectification.

Apoorvaa Foundation is not only extending processional services but also creating awareness in society by organizing Credit Awareness Seminars. It is the only organization that provides training on Credit Awareness to Bankers. Till now time Mr. Bhagat had conducted 400 Bank Seminars on this.

He always considers challenges are part of life and it provides a road to walk to achieve something. Mr. Bhagat’s childhood financial struggle was an initial challenge to start-up or go beyond his limitation but at the same time, it helped him to explore the finance industry.

Mr. Bhagat and his team are pioneers in this unique concept of Credit Rectification Business and the awareness in India about Credit and Credit Score which was not up to the mark so obviously to build a reputed brand is quite challenging but their way of dealing clients’ issue and handholding approach had made it to stand differently and Today, they are privileged to connect with thousands of customers with exceptional services and PAN India level Network. Under the Leadership of Mr. Bhagat, Apoorvaa had achieved its presence in 21 States, 90 Cities, and 108 Branches.

Mr. Bhagat won India Excellence Awards 2019, Achievers Icon Awards 2020, Global Business Leadership Awards, and many other prestigious awards for his immense hard work and effort.

Apoorvaa Foundation is working to help society as well as banks in many ways and the gesture is applauded by many prestigious awards but for them, the satisfaction and happiness of its esteemed client are more important and worth considering.

Mr. Bhagat said, “Never run away from challenges and struggle because that will have power to make you diamond from coal. Always learn from failure and be a responsible for what you have decided and happened but be focus oriented for what you want and work in that direction no matter how hard that path is. Never stop and never be victim of excuses for not achieving something that you want.”

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