Digital health startup To assist patients before to major surgical procedures, Capreolos GmbH has released the Ready4OP app

• The Ready4OP app, which is Capreolos’ initial product, is a digital patient companion for getting ready for major surgeries on the chest and abdomen and is based on extensive clinical and scientific knowledge as well as long-standing surgical skill.

• Ready4OP aids patients by educating them thoroughly about major surgical interventions, increasing patient confidence in doctor consultations.

• Both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store provide the app at no cost.

Germany, FRANKFURT and BAD VILBEL, June 15, 2023 GLOBEE NEWSWIRE Today, Capreolos GmbH (formerly Patronus Health GmbH), the company that created an interactive app-based programme for patients, physicians, and clinics to prepare for surgery, announced the debut of its first offering, the Ready4OP app. Patients getting ready for big operations are helped by the digital companion. Capreolos offers reliable information regarding surgery and hospital stays that is supported by scientific research. Additionally, the Ready4OP app offers a list of discussion questions for patients and doctors. It is meant to aid in the best possible preparation for the patient’s and their carers’ initial meeting with their surgeon. In routine medical care, general practitioners and other non-surgical specialists frequently find themselves unable to adequately cover all the pertinent material and offer their patients this support.

Deputy Clinic Director of the Clinic for General and Visceral Surgery at the University Hospital Frankfurt and Chief Executive Officer of Capreolos GmbH, Prof. Andreas Schnitzbauer, emphasised: “Through many years of surgical experience, we know that up to two in three people have problems finding reliable and understandable health information. This is particularly evident prior to significant cancer surgeries, but it frequently starts with a diagnosis. Many patients find it challenging to ask their doctor the necessary questions because they are unable to accurately interpret the effects of a disease on their health. In addition, it might be difficult for doctors to distinguish between patients’ different knowledge and health literacy levels due to their demanding daily schedules. Doctors cannot presume that patients have specialised knowledge. The Ready4OP app fills this need by offering a digital patient textbook. Our software increases patient autonomy by empowering them to manage medical paperwork and communicate with specialised doctors.

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Charlotte Detemble, a physician at the University Hospital Frankfurt and the Chief Operating Officer of Capreolos GmbH, stated: “As a clinician, I want patients to be able to meaningfully discuss their future surgery with me and my colleagues. Patients who use the Ready4OP app are better prepared. This is just the beginning for us: Capreolos aims to assist the entire prehabilitation process. We concentrate on the period before surgery, on effectively preparing the patient by offering knowledge, improving strength, mobility, and endurance, as well as on supporting optimal nutrition and mental health.Numerous scientific studies have shown that prehabilitation can considerably improve patient outcomes while also reducing the amount of money the healthcare system must spend on costly postoperative complications therapy. In order to provide doctors and patients with the best prehabilitation—that is, the best preparation for big operations—Capreolos was founded.

The Ready4OP app is our first product in a still-emerging market, according to Dr. Dora Zmuc, Chief Business Development Officer of Capreolos and creator of the concept: We created the app as a dynamic platform that enables quick changes and the inclusion of new modules in the least amount of time. It may include suggestions from stakeholders including patients, doctors, and even other parties. The Ready4OP app is the company’s initial effort to create a complete prehabilitation programme.

The Google Playstore and the Apple Appstore both offer the Ready4OP app for no cost. Before significant procedures, it serves as a learning aid for patients. It also covers bariatric (weight-reducing) procedures for overweight persons and hernia repairs following prior surgeries, in addition to interventions for cancer of the abdomen, thorax, or breast. The digital patient textbook uses 9 categories and 52 subcategories and contains information on how to effectively communicate with your doctor, how to comprehend complex information without difficulty, how patients can best prepare in the weeks prior to the procedure (prehabilitation), and what the procedure process can entail both before and after the hospital stay.

Concerning Capreolos GmbH

A digital health start-up named Capreolos GmbH (formerly Patronus Health GmbH) seeks to provide patients and physicians with access to structured prehabilitation procedures before major surgeries. Capreolos seeks to set the standard for patient safety and quality of care by relying on scientific evidence and the highest calibre of medical practise, while also enhancing patient autonomy. For this strategy, the business was given the State of Hesse’s E-Health Award in September 2021. Three practising clinicians with track records in corporate finance, patient safety, and quality control created Capreolos. The founding members, Prof. Dr. Andreas Schnitzbauer, Charlotte Detemble, and Dr. Dora Muc, have a combined wealth of experience in patient-centered research and cutting-edge medicine on a national and international level. Mark Siller, a specialist in app development, joined the founding team. The organisation, situated in Bad Vilbel, was established in August 2021. In June 2023, Patronus Health GmbH changed their name to Capreolos GmbH due to name conflicts in the sector. Visit our website,, for more details on Capreolos.

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